So-Called Melbourne, Australia: Solidarity Action for the Women’s Protection Units (YPJ)

Received on 25.12.19:

Solidarity Action with YPJ for International Day of Action in Defense of Rojava, so-called Melbourne, Australia

Motivated by the call out by #Riseup4Rojava, #WomenDefendRojava and #DefendRojava, for an International Day of Action on 14 December 2019, we undertook belated action on the eve of the annual consumerist ritual known as Christmas.

With the recognition that everyday is an opportunity to demonstrate our solidarity with our international comrades, and that engaging in the struggle against patriarchy and fascism can take a multitude of forms; we beautified both the Turkish Embassy and surrounding streets of so-call Melbourne, Australia, with 30 x 30cm and 8 x 1meter YPJ pasted-up tribute flags, lovingly crafted in the illegally squatted space we call ‘home’. We also pasted a message “Biji Rojava” on the front wall of the Turkish Consulate, accompanied by a YPJ flag.

With this small act, we send our respect and solidarity to the incredible women of the YPJ, who are an inspiration and demonstration of tangible praxis in challenging entrenched gender norms, resistance to murderous states and their dictator figureheads, and building inclusive communities of self-governance. Just as we attempted to brighten up the sterile streets of the Consulate district with a message of resistance, you brighten our realities with your strength, resilience, courage, and examples of what is possible!

Biji Rojava!
Biji YPJ!

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