Santiago, Chile: 2nd Communique from the Anti-Authoritarian Action Group about the Ongoing Revolt

The social struggle doesn’t stop, neither do the anarchists.

The moments we have experienced in recent months have left us with diverse sensations and emotions, but we do not have time to reflect openly, we must continue to be where we belong, active in the moments of struggle that continue to develop, never forgetting our ideals and our autonomous and anti-authoritarian praxis: direct action, horizontality, solidarity and self-management.

Also, it is important to keep the memory of the dead and the disappeared alive, to keep going for them and for the subversive, Mapuche, and rebellious prisoners and for the people who have been wounded, mutilated and raped.

We have to be in the streets, in the combative demonstrations in the center of the city and in our territories, villas, barrios and communes, building barricades and organizing autonomously, we have to continue banging the pots and pans and making noise. We also have to continue promoting, supporting and/or participating in activities that arise spontaneously, such as those organized in advance in our environments. We must set up la olla comĂșn (street kitchen), el pasacalle (street music) and the propaganda, and of course spread our libertarian ideas with our voices, leaflets and banners.

Let’s continue to build instances of meeting together with the people we feel affinity with, we don’t need leaders or organs of the state to build a different and better life.

On the 57th day of social revolt we are still on the warpath!

Everything continues!
As long as there is misery, there will be rebellion!

Anti-Authoritarian Action Group
Pikunmapu, Valle Central
December 2019

(via Contra Info)

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