Athens, Greece: Call from Assembly of GARE for Solidarity with the Koukaki Squat Community

19.12.19: The state’s spectacular repression made another show this morning with the eviction of three living spaces, squats of housing and struggle, those of the Koukaki Squat Community. Armed to the teeth state guards, using all their gadgets, broke down doors, shot tear gas, stun grenades and rubber bullets into the houses and the bodies of those living inside, in order to “return the buildings to their rightful owners”, in other words, to the desert of private ownership and capitalism. During the operation, they even tortured and arrested neighbours who dared question their allmightiness.

The message carried out by the bastard torturers and murderers of elas, those bodyguards of fat cats and their politicians, was one of sweeping state terrorism against the social body.

The Koukaki squat community 3 years ago, opened up a space that kept growing, for the needs of the struggle for social self organization, against capitalist and state oppression. The community has defended its ground combatively whenever this was called for. This morning’s battle returned a bit of the violence to its institutional bearers, proving in deed that the only lost battle is the one not fought for.

In face of this raging repression, in face of the modern day junta that is being imposed, in order to stand our ground we must fight back. Solidarity with all those resisting.

Solidarity with the arrested comrades from the Koukaki Squat Community

Gathering at Evelpidon courts

Thursday 19 December, 12pm.

Assembly of GARE

(via Athens Indymedia)

Report from the Enough Is Enough comrades about the recent evictions in the Koukaki District 

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