Athens, Greece: New Update from Anarchist Comrade Abtin Parsan – Police Harassment & Surveillance Continues

After the solidarity gathering in Evelpidon on the 7th of December, I went to my second home in order to avoid going to my home in Ano Patissia. Usually, there is a cop bus parked right in front of the building entrance, so in order to enter the building I have to pass right in front of the MAT (riot police) unit there. They were there on the 7th too, but this time they spoke to me and by spoke I mean harassed verbally. They told me in English “We will send you in prison, like your friends, or we will make you disappear like your friend Dimitris (Ch.)“. I didn’t respond and I just entered the building.

It’s obvious to me that they’re trying to intimidate me in order to either repress myself or do something that will expose me and give them the reason to take me once and for all. Targeting me will not stop my presence in the movement and not my solidarity towards my comrades. What is not obvious to me is whether the threat was an initiative by the cop or an order. In any case, it’s an effort by the state to terrorize me.

Solidarity to comrade Dimitris Ch. and Vangelis St.

Abtin Parsa, 15/12/19

(via Athens Indymedia)

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