Athens, Greece: Responsibility Claim for the Incendiary Attack Against the Citroen Dealership on December 6th

Received from Translation Initiative on 13.12.19:

You, that robbed us of everything, that place us under the painful scrutiny of systematic surveillance and uniformed thugs, you, you would be the ones pleading lies about forgiveness.
You drag us from rooftops and houses, from streets and squares, you judge, you order, you cage. You shoot and you win. And we won’t accept.

As the city glimmers with the flames that dance and not just your cursed lights of captivity, fear grows in your eyes.

For tonight it is your collaborators, your infrastructure, your damned cars that you will use to chase us, but at any time it might just be you.

On the evening of December 6th, nine incendiary devices were placed under the same amount of cars at a Citroen dealership in Athens, for being one of the many that provides the material for the Greek Police Force to hunt and detain.

Your network will be threatened, your allies will be torched, your suffering will be ensured.

Never forgive.

Towards the total collapse of the police and their bloody supporters.

(Original Greek language text posted on Athens Indymedia)

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