Madrid, Spain: #COP25 Summit – Incendiary Barricade on the A42 Highway

A42 Highway blocked with burning tires on the morning of Tuesday, December 10th, from the Madrid exit up to Plaza ElĂ­ptica on the occasion of the COP25 summit.

Any day is a good day to block the infrastructure of capital and the regular flow of goods, but this action is part of the call to fight against the world leaders and green capitalists that are currently meeting in Madrid. Their objectives are always the same: to deepen the conditions of exploitation and domination that are devastating the earth. And all this accompanied by a major repressive deployment. We are not surprised by the repression carried out against those who do not abide by the rules of democratic and citizen protest. Nor are we surprised to see how direct action, mutual aid and solidarity form the backbone of the struggles here in Madrid, in Barcelona, France, Greece, Chile, Hong Kong, Iran…
The revolt is unstoppable, from small groups and individuals and/or in massive contexts.

In the face of devastation, in the face of exploitation:

War against those who destroy the earth!

War against the State and Capital!


(via Contra Madriz)

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