Santiago, Chile: Political Prisoners in Maximum Security Begin Indefinite Hunger Strike

We, the Political Prisoners confined in the Special Unit for Maximum Security of the High Security Prison, inform the People of Chile, the Mapuche People and the international community that today, Tuesday, December 10, International Human Rights Day, we have initiated an Indefinite Liquid Hunger Strike.

We demand:

– Immediate Release of the Political Prisoners of the Popular Revolt of the People of Chile.

– Recognition of our status as Political Prisoners by national and international human rights bodies, as well as the political authorities of the country.

– Guarantee of Fair Trials. Withdrawal of lawsuits under the State’s Internal Security Law that seek to condemn us to disproportionate, arbitrary and unjust penalties; Review of the cases and precautionary measures that keep us in Pretrial Prison.

– An end to Political Persecution, expressed towards our people via the intervention and pressure of the Ministry of the Interior and Public Security in our judicial processes, as well as towards our People, since a policy of harassment has been installed towards social leaders, popular organizations, alternative media and towards any person who expresses a position opposite or critical of the prevailing political, economic, social and cultural model, violating the legitimate right of free opinion and thought.

– An end to all forms of human rights violations against the people of Chile. No more murders, no more tortured, no more disappeared, no more mutilated, no more sexual abuse and rape, no more political prisoners.

With respect to our prison conditions, we demand:

– Increased courtyard and corridor hours.
– Conjugal Visits
– Extension of visits with non-direct relatives and friends.
– Access to any type of texts, books and media.

We call on the people of Chile to make their own the just demand for the liberation of the Political Prisoners of the Popular Revolt.


Esteban Bustos
Gilberto Mendoza
Ruben Rivas.

Tuesday, December 10, 2019
Maximum Security Section
High Security Prison
Santiago, Chile

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