Istanbul, Turkey: Police Patrol Flees Armed Ambush by HBDH Militia (Video & Statement)

An armed action was carried out by the HBDH (Peoples’ United Revolutionary Movement) militia on December 4th, 2019 at 00:35hrs against the uniformed fascist forces, the enemy of the people – the police, who were carrying out regular patrols in Sefak√∂y, Istanbul. One police vehicle was hit by our militia and as a result of our action, the police quickly chose to flee the area.

They Chose to Flee Because They are Scared.

Today, the police force, whose aim is to continue the empire of fear and fascism by raiding houses and institutions of the people and the workers, by attacking protests with gas and batons and creating terror through torture and chemical weapons, has chosen to flee in the face of the revolutionary forces. Soon, the palace and their cohorts that they protect will also choose to escape. “2020 will be the year in which HBDH will grow, become stronger and carry out the resistance struggle against fascism more powerfully and win greater victories.”

Like elsewhere in the world, the wave of rebellion against the imperialist-capitalist order is growing stronger in our country and in our region. The occupation attacks against the Rojava Revolution, which they tried to drown between the imperialist powers, continues with an epic struggle based on the self-determination of the peoples and the internationalist revolutionaries strengthening their resistance. Once more, the rising resistance of workers in our country, the actions of women and the emergence of fearless youth defying fascism are the heralds of a new era. People who refuse to live under fascism are now searching for a new way of rebelling against it. In this quest, the HBDH have opened up a new path for the peoples and the working class, organizing the united armed resistance, the only language that fascism understands.

Every day, the metropolises of Turkey, which are thought to be the strongholds of fascism, and the fascist supporters who cluster there, are quickly driven into panic as a result of our unpredictable revolutionary actions. Today, we invite all the fragmented forces that rebel against AKP-MHP fascism to join the ranks of the United Revolutionary Movement and to join the collective resistance for victory.

(via HBDH)

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