Cyberspace: German Police Union (GdP) Website Hacked by “anonymous Anarchist agency” (aAa)

03.12.19: The website of the GdP (a German union of the police) got hacked today. An anarchist communique and the Hambi banner have been placed on it. It will be linked below. (Note from Anarchists Worldwide- since this article was originally posted, the defacement hack of the GdP website has been fixed)

It happened in response to them openly protecting fascists that openly organize. And not just any fascists, but fascists that are organized within the police.

Ende Gelände, a climate justice movement announced that they were planning to disrupt the coal industry in an area of Germany called Lausitz. Several cops that were in office to counter the climate justice activists on the announced day have been seen on images that circulated in nazi chat. It was showing them in front of a wall, with fascist symbols and a big tag saying “Stop Ende Gelände”. It got leaked in response, and created an outcry against fascists organizing within the police.

The police responded with the following:
– claiming the discourse about fascists in the police is the real problem
– overdrawing the message, that resulted in a fascist dog-whistle.

The symbol is from “defend cottbus” that is tied to the international fascist organisation “Identitarian Movement” aka “Nazi Hipsters”.

During the action of Ende Gelände, multiple human rights violations by the police have been reported. Some of it is documented in their press release.

The Hack:

This is to report on what has happened. There won’t be a comment, just the copy of the messages by “anonymous Anarchist agency” that are/were (depending when you read this) shared through the website of the German police union. First as screenshots, then as plain text.

The message from anonymous Anarchist agency, who hacked the website of the German police agency:

No Justice No Peace

We are the rebellion against an authoritarian society, against isolation and competition. We are the rebellion for another social and cultural reality. In the wake of global liberation attempts, the time was ripe for a decisive struggle that would no longer accept the pseudo-natural legitimacy of the system and seriously wanted to overcome it. We are looking for change for the liberation struggle, for a new way in which we can connect with others.

As democratic state is maintaining the population in a constant state of survival without starvation and widespread sicknesses, in the same way the riotcops units are using the maximum of repression without direct execution. Their presence is to impose control, their actions to re-establish order. The war is chemical and the weapons they are allowed to use are not lethal. In every way they are the frame of stability, designing the inner borders of metropolis, tracing routes and dead ends for the demonstrations. They are occupying grounds, defining the danger zones which have to be surrounded. They are used against social uprisings, against the migrants inside the camps, to secure the destruction of natural places.

We think that the tendencies of attack are the most vital part of anarchy, as direct action is the constitutive part of the fight for freedom, liberation and eco-defense. We think that it’s important to combine and multiply our struggle with comrades around the globe, because everywhere that anarchists are fighting, we can become a more dangerous and subversive threat against power when we internationalise and break down the borders between us. This is the reason that the States and corporations across the world are becoming afraid of anarchy again in the 21st Century, because we are the only real opposition to power’s domination and they do not want us to grow and link up with each other to conspire.

The insurrection of 2008 in Greece was one of the most powerful in the contemporary world. It showed an the amount of power and creativity which can be brought against the state mechanisms and how weak and small they looked those days. The murder of the anarchist Grigoropoulos from the Greek police will always be present in our memory and through our actions. Even though, we are to mark that this assassination, and the insurrection it brought within the society and the all left political spectrum was mainly because he was a 15 years old white Greek student (meanwhile they try to hide his political identity). From our sight, we are seeing the state‘s murders in various subjects, in a daily base along with the imprisonment and domination over the ground. That is why our struggles are violent and constant. Our insurrectionary acts do not depend on social legitimisation. Society is an abstract concept, more likely it refers to what is visible and approved to exist. Our struggles are connected to our experiences. We do not fight to save the people, we fight to survive and give solidarity to those who resist with the target to stimulate more individuals and collectives to join this sincere anarchist struggle.

Our tactics can easily be adopted in any metropolis of the InterState fortress. Every preparing action, every conversation, every aspect of our plan, can get us one step forward from our enemy giving us the advantage to surprise him. Let’s create an insurrectional movement without borders that will be able to spread anarchistic ideas and practices.

We send a burning signal and we join the call for a Black December announced by the comrades in Chile by communicating with this action and our words with the insurgents around the world. In fighting memory of all friends, comrades and unknown killed or imprisoned by the state.

We will never forget the comrades, we want to especially remember those who decided to give everything in the struggle and died in it. Our memory and our full respect for those whose names we can not name because we do not know them.
The future belongs to those who struggle for liberation. Solidarity with people facing repression near and far! Let’s light up the nights and days We are Autonomen, We are Ungovernable, We are Action, We do not forget our comrades,

anonymous Anarchist agency

For those that are interested in studying the culture of anarchist hackers, there’s an anarchist hacker manifesto, that reads itself as a DIY. You can find it here:

in English:

in Spanish:

(via Hambi Bleibt!, slightly edited by Anarchists Worldwide for clarity)

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