Thessaloniki, Greece: Incendiary Attack Against NATO Barracks in Solidarity with Rojava

Thessaloniki, Greece: Incendiary Attack Against NATO Barracks (NRDC-GR, NATO Rapid Deployable Corps Greece)

“…we call on all comrades to not speculate and neglect their resistance. The course of our struggle is clear and we will continue to follow our plans. Whatever the plans of the rulers are, the resistance will have the last word.”

– Internationalist Commune of Rojava

The war waged by the Turkish fascist state against the rebellious Kurdish forces is constantly raging, even though the international community is provocatively silent and the media buries into oblivion thousands of crimes which take place in the territories of Syria. In this war the NATO forces have a clear position. Turkey as a NATO member is attacking with the full support of the North Atlantic Alliance, which supports this invasion morally, militarily, financially and politically by clearly prioritizing one ally’s relations with the rest of the Alliance’s trust despite any “disagreements”. NATO Secretary-General Yen Stoltenberg himself says that…

“Turkey has allowed the use of bases in allied countries in the fight against “terrorists” such as ISIS, making it clear that Turkey’s allied interests and continued efforts to join Turkey forces are an incompatible priority at all costs and of great consequence for the people.”

Our answer is clear. We claim responsibility for the incendiary attack against the NATO barracks located at the NATO Headquarters (NRDC-GR, NATO Rapid Deployable Corps Greece) at the intersection of Kaftantzoglou and Lambraki Streets in Thessaloniki on the morning of November 14. At the strict command of the NATO headquarters itself, our attack was concealed from the public sphere and the media for purely diplomatic reasons. This is not the first time that NATO has chosen to hide its losses and its operational insecurity against revolutionary sentiment. A year ago it followed the same pattern following the campaign that carried out militant and comrade-led initiatives against the headquarters’ facilities and vehicles on December 6th. Our attack, with an array of 3 low-power incendiary and explosive devices, took place just hours before US Ambassador Jeffrey Pyatt arrived in the city of Thessaloniki to join other government and diplomatic officials of the political establishment for the Thessaloniki Summit.

Our attack is an open challenge and a warning to NATO’s local expression: if the Greek army actively participates in the war against the Kurdish resistance, it assumes sole responsibility for the losses it will measure in its home territories. We will not leave any crime unanswered.

46 years after the bloody insurrection of the Polytechnic in ’73, and while the transnational crime of imperialist interventions continues to wipe out every trace of life and liberty in the oppressed ranks, the arrival of a representative of the cream of this killer’s land (as a NATO flagship) at commemorative events and honors, is an insult to our dead and a cause for war. Through the targeting of international military rule and diplomatic interests, we send our solidarity and strength to the rebels of the People’s Protection Units (YPG) and the Women’s Protection Units (YPJ) who fight to defend the revolutionary experiment of Democratic Confederalism in the Syrian territories. Through the transfer of war to the civilized territories of the western metropolises, we send a raised fist to the internationalist revolutionaries of the Revolutionary Anti-fascist Front (RAF), who fight alongside the Kurdish rebels. Comrades of the Kurdish rebel militias, you are not alone. Our guerrilla fires and explosions rip through the metropoles of Europe, bowing in awe to your revolutionary strength. Kilometers away each and every one of us fights the local appearance of the same enemy. Looking at the same sky with the same anxieties and the same vision, we shout loudly that the people are undefeated with their weapons in their hands. This is how we fight for the revolutionary vision of social liberation. So we honor the thousands of martyrs who sacrificed themselves for it.

The rise of militarism and the militarization of everyday life are the biggest investment for the Western superpowers to safeguard their imperialist interests and aspirations in the Middle East. The European Union, through its coalition of interests and its operational attachment to the United States of America, is attempting to become a superpower (in
the areas of energy, security, development and investment) by changing the balance of power, such as taking aim against the Russian monopoly. Assistant to this effort is none other than NATO, which through its military alliance of member states, is the largest active military in terms of operational capability, numerical and equipment superiority and territorial bases. The main objective is to attach even more forces to expand military capabilities based on the geographical development of sovereign rights. And with the goal in place, there are the tools: terrorism, conspiracies, wars, etc. The European Union’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs, Federica Mogherini herself, stresses in view of the meeting of NATO leaders that “…there is a common ground, an appreciation that EU-NATO cooperation has never been so positive and concrete.”

Greece, which is the operational cape of the Balkans and the European Union, has become a vast camp for these needs. The new paradigm requires permanent bases of the NATO forces in the domestic territories, upgrading of the existing military infrastructure, creation of new ones and more. The militaristic forces of this dictatorship abuse public property by turning public infrastructure such as ports into political bases for their business interests. US diplomats, as well as Greek and US military officials, commented during a meeting with Port Thessaloniki President and CEO Sotiris Theofanis on the importance of Thessaloniki’s Greek port development and economic development of the Western Balkans to international markets. However, there is also great interest in the Alexandroupolis port.

Greece is currently one of the most consistent NATO member states. It is the second largest force after the US in spending on equipment and is among the 7 countries that exceeded the annual percentages of the Alliance’s financial budgets. The emblematic relationship developed over so many years at the base of Souda (where NATO training centers, logistics facilities, military installations, etc reside), the deployment of unmanned MQ-9 aircraft in Larissa, the presence of the Air Force Brigade and the recent transfer of the new American helicopters to Stefanovikio, the planned nuclear deployment to Araxos and the continued joint military exercises contribute to the stabilization of the occupation of Greek territory by the NATO forces.

In this respect, the Greek state interacts (as an annexed force) with NATO as it increases in parallel with its alliance and individual power. With the military support of the Alliance and the strategic development of the European Union, Greece has become a sultan of the Balkans and is called upon to be a guarantor of security and stability in the region. This means stepping up control and repression of the alleged enemy as a materialistic situation for immigrants at this juncture in order to solve the problem of the very existence and interests of the North Atlantic Alliance through the wars waged in the Middle East that are driving millions of people into violent displacement from their homes. The slayers of the peoples are not satisfied with the dead from the imperialist battlefields. Through the enlargement and reinforcement of Frontex, the creation of the European Border and Coast Guard Organization and the upgrading of Greek security forces under European directives and a unified anti-immigration policy, they are building fences at borders, embarking boats in Greek and international waters, on the national highways, killing hundreds of people who are fleeing the whirlwind and violence of wars. Greece is currently the largest concentration camp for immigrants as through EU management policy it keeps trapped millions of people away from their families in abject conditions condemning them to slow and excruciating death. NATO’s sole control over migration flows is through permanent forces such as SNMG-2 (formerly Standing NATO Maritime Group – 2), to provide ongoing maritime support to businesses. NRF (NATO Response Force) immediate response in times of peace, crisis and tension.

So many years of NATO the same story: wars, conspiracies and terrorism.

The hostility of a part of society towards immigrants and the emergence of conservatism are the result of a deep-rooted strategic tension in the past of the North Atlantic Alliance. From the very beginning of the creation of the Alliance, NATO could not exist only as a legal superpower. Thus, along with public activity, it developed the organized state-owned corporation that had the sole responsibility for the underground implementation of provocative businesses by intensifying tensions and divisions in the social fields. A typical example of this strategy was the existence of Gladio, which began as a paramilitary operation to combat the communist threat in Western Europe and ended up being the official secret army for the CIA and NATO services. Dozens of cases have surfaced about the role played by the Gladio Battalions in the rise of nationalism to justify the military interventions for NATO’s imperialist interests baptized as peacekeeping missions: the involvement of the US and Greek paramilitaries in successive attacks on Christian and Muslim targets for the emergence of patriotic sentiment and rhetorical hatred, has led to the creation of the Turkish-Cypriot issue and the island’s partition, Operation Red Sheep and the role of the secret services in the military coup of the colonels and the dictatorship of seven years, dozens of bombings, kidnappings and assassinations of militants, and the dispersal of terrorists and provocateurs by and as politicians (Giorkatzis, Michaloliakos, etc.) are just a few examples showing that where the official hand of power could not reach, the appropriate constituents were formed to achieve its goals. Under this treaty, nothing more than a strange emergence of nationalism upon North Macedonia’s accession to NATO aimed at distracting the oppressed from the real threat posed by the neighboring NATO and NATO alliance agreement to the whole of the Balkan peninsula. It is at least provocative, then, for both NATO and its member states to talk about their contribution to the war on terrorism. Today they are themselves responsible for the reconstitution of the death squads of religious darkness represented by ISIS, the largest terrorist organization in recent decades that had previously been defeated by the Kurdish militias and their internationalist comrades.

71 years after the Alliance began its operations, NATO has emerged stronger than ever. It is upgrading its services, annexing more and more strategic forces, either as official member states, or through separate treaties and protocols of cooperation, “peace” initiatives and alliances, while further expanding its operational horizons and targets: in their latest statements the heads of the Alliance emphasized the importance of NATO’s operational deployment in space, analyzing the possibilities of control and suppression through space technology (…satellites could be hacked or used as weapons, which could lead to a disruption of telecommunications networks and affect various departments and regions).

In the face of enemy upgrades, we do not remain apathetic and assume the burden of our historic revolutionary responsibilities. We are in a position of direct confrontation and conflict with the interests of its sovereignty. We are striking at the heart of the beast, returning a small but significant share of the violence that is being inflicted on the world camp of the oppressed and exploited for the interests of power. We don’t bend our heads, we don’t back down, we don’t sign any capitulations. There is no other way in our history. We continue the struggle given by decades-long struggling comrades of all lengths and widths of the planet against the imperialist aspirations of states and capitalism. Through guerrilla strikes against the interests and status of the Greek state and the alliances it builds with foreign partners, we are waging our own civil anti-war war. We unite our fires with every struggling initiative that contributes through its attacks to building the global rebel community in Italy, Austria, Germany and elsewhere. We unite our voices with every rebellious heart that strikes every corner of the globe with the dream of a global social revolution.

We send our internationalist solidarity to the struggling Turkish comrades who have been carrying out the most important civil strife over the years against the fascist Turkish state, breaking the monopoly of Erdogan’s fascist violence. A raised fist to the “Children of Fire Initiative” who claimed responsibility for three arson attacks on factories in Caesarea, Düzce and the industrial zone of Turkey’s Konya Eregli town on the occasion of the Turkish state’s invasion of northern Syria.

Solidarity is the Weapon of the Peoples’ War against NATO War.

PS: On Wednesday, September 18, 2019, Cagliari’s prosecutor’s office closed its investigation into the campaign of anti-militarism in the period 2014 – 2017, accusing forty-five people of involvement in anti-militarist intervention in Italy. Five comrades are accused of “subversive organization with terrorist intentions”, while others are accused of participating in collective struggle against the military. Through our attack, we send internationalist solidarity to all those who, through their speech and action, are attacking the interests of international military rule.

Anarchist Action Organization

(via Athens Indymedia, translated into English by an anonymous comrade)

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