Santiago, Chile: November 27th – 40th Day of Social Revolt

[Translated from the November 27th edition of a regular series of updates distributed via social media networks in Chile]


Forty days have passed and the “social agenda” is nothing! The president, who according to polls has only 9% support, does not advance one centimeter with concrete solutions to the demands of the street.
The parliamentary commission rejects the constitutional accusation against former Interior Minister Andrés Chadwick, one of the main political leaders responsible for human rights violations during the Social Revolt.

Adherence to the call for a GENERAL STRIKE was massive, but not as many as on November 12. Early on, 100000 people gathered in the Plaza de la Dignidad and marched along the Alameda to Los Héroes demanding improvements in pensions, salaries, health and education.
A surreal scene took place when a funeral caravan crossed Ground Zero, their floats had glass lined with proclamations.
In the afternoon, the number of demonstrators diminished, multiple factors can explain this: exhaustion, lack of transport to return home or the monotony of the dynamics of resistance. There is room for a deeper examination, but this is only daily diary.
Keny Arkana and Molotov are heard on loudspeakers as anarchist leaflets fly and the “front line” faces the henchmen. Four encapuchadxs (Hooded Ones) are arrested for carrying and throwing incendiary bombs, drones and infiltrated civilian police follow them and arrest them just blocks from the scene.
In the middle of Alameda, uniforms pull out their service weapons and threaten to shoot the demonstrators from just a few meters away.
At the end of the day of protest, a mob kicks an agent to the ground who is left stranded in the middle of the Plaza de la Dignidad.

For the second day the police try to end the Central Emergency Medical Post to arrest the wounded.

In San Bernardo a woman is in an induced coma due to the impact of a tear gas grenade to her face, according to the INDH and Radio Bio Bio Fabiola she has lost vision in both her eyes, her nose is broken and she has metal splinters in her brain.

Carabineros gassed a school in San Ramon and the children had to run away. In the same community, unknown persons set fire to a bus and a Walmart supermarket.

In Concepción and Iquique the ports are blocked. In Bio Bio, protesters intercept a truck and force the driver to throw his cargo of 20 tons of sardines onto the road!

Peñaflor police station attacked with incendiary bombs.

Members of the PDI shoot demonstrators outside the Portal Belloto Mall in Quilpe, after carabineros fled the place after being overrun by collective expropriations.

A burning church illuminates Curico city.

A hotel and an education centre are set on fire in La Serena.

In San Antonio, the newspaper “El Lider” and an AFP outlet are set on fire.

There is an arson attack against the Alto Hospicio rodeo arena.

In Santiago, “NO+TAG” motorists block interurban highways and park on Kennedy Avenue in from of the Parque Arauco Mall. A march inside the same mall located in Las Condes provokes some fights between customers and encapuchadxs. The latter use fire extinguishers and the shop owners close their stores. The rich and privileged are running out of their places of distraction without being “bothered by the broke and lazy”.

Symbolic protests of 4th grade students continue, they turn their backs on the flag while the Chilean anthem is sung.

The football players union decides to stop and not obey the order of the ANFP to play. The president of AzulAzul reiterates links between the “Los de Abajo” bar and anarchists.

We continue in the street…
Let’s look for new strategies of attack and resistance!

Fabiola Campillay, Gustavo Gatica and Dilan Cruz (Colombia), this is dedicated to you…

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