Mêrdîn, North Kurdistan: Revenge Units Attack Armored Patrol – 3 Special Operations Police Killed

The Şehit Tekoşin Amed Revenge Unit have claimed responsibility for a sabotage action against the occupying Turkish PÖH (Special Operations Police) that resulted in the total destruction of an armored patrol vehicle and the deaths of 3 Special Operations Police.

“At 12 on the night of November 29th, our units carried out an action against an enemy vehicle patrolling between Nisêbîn-Duruca in Mêrdîn. The enemy armored patrol vehicle was completely destroyed, as far as our units could detect, 3 occupying Special Forces Police were killed and 2 occupiers were injured. The armored vehicle behind the destroyed vehicle escaped, leaving behind the dead and wounded. The enemy closed the road to traffic for a long period of time and randomly scanned the area. Local media reported the incident as an explosion, stating that two occupying police were wounded and that the enemy’s private war had been re-activated. The enemy in a panic started an occupation operation in and around Nisêbîn.

This action is our response to the desolate and mercenary gang, we will finish them. We will increase the number and impact of our actions for every attack against the will of the Kurdish people.”

(via Raperina Gel)

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