Santiago, Chile: Nov 25th – 38th Day of Social Revolt

[Translated from the November 25th edition of a series of updates that are distributed via social media networks in Chile]


With this cry numerous marches crossed the cities of the country. A day of struggle marked by the day against patriarchal violence. The demonstrations are filled with green bandana face masks, purple flags and anarcho feminists.
A performance, titled “Un violador en tu camino” (“A rapist in your way”), by the Las Tesis collective is performed at the Paseo Ahumada, the Courts of Justice, the Ministry of Women and Gender Equity, the Plaza de Armas and the First Police Station in Santiago.

The demonstrations are decentralized and diversified, rapes by henchmen (with or without uniforms) and the political-sexual violence are the main and most urgent cause of the protests.
Feminists expel a group of Special Forces cops to the cry of “The cop is not my comrade.”

The names of those murdered during the Revolt can be heard loud and clear: Daniela Carrasco, Paula Lorca Zambrano, Mariana Diaz Ricaurte, Valeska López Carmona and Albertina Martinez Burgos.
Most of the women disappeared in the last 38 days are young women, their bodies continue to be seen by the uniformed as spoils of war. Autonomous feminists put the number of missing women at four, but the number must undoubtedly be higher.
The report by “Human Rights Watch” is clear and conclusive, in Chile human rights are violated and it emphasizes the sexual violence against women and non-heteronormative people. They document the forced stripping, molestation and rapes in the police stations.

The President of the Republic is promoting a bill for the military to protect “critical infrastructure”. A clear proposal to continue the militarization of society.
Senator Allamand (National Renewal party) declares: “We will never endorse human rights violations, but without them it is impossible to normalize the country.” Demonstrating once again that for many private property is worth more than life.
La Plaza de la Dignidad is painted with white and green in a pathetic attempt to cover the graffiti of the Revolt. Police worshippers write slogans in support of the carabineros, the intervention ends with massive ridicule.

The people reject the forces of order, in a popular restaurant in Barrio Franklin customers warn that if they serve police they will leave. Uniforms were served and all the customers left the restaurant without the paying their bills leaving the cops absolutely alone.
Several subway stations are closed by massive fare evasion actions by students.
On the weekend demonstrators storm the Portal La Dehesa Mall, the wealthy customers show their hatred, contempt and classism. Assaults and insults from managers and owners of companies against “broke communists who want everything for free” provokes wide repercussions.
This Monday they protested again inside the Mall, outside a cop pulls out his service weapon to threaten those who demonstrate. In the same place, a civilian fires a gun from inside his Audi car to drive away the crowd, he is charged with attempted homicide.

In the Plaza de la Dignidad the clashes with the henchmen continue. An attack on a police station in Pudahuel leaves a policeman shot.
In Punta Arenas a man runs over the police with his car and flees the scene. He continues to be hunted. There was a thwarted attempt to set fire to the home of the Prefect of Carabineros in Curicó, two people are detained.

There is looting and destruction of the Military Recruitment Centre in Puerto Montt. There is an attack in Punta Arenas against the tomb of a family who took part in the genocide of the Selk’nam people

The documentary “Rio sagrado” (Sacred River) is released in honor of weichafe (Mapuche warrior) Camilo Catrillanca.

There is a call to demonstrate for the prisoners of the Revolt on Wednesday the 27th at 17hrs outside the Centre of (In)Justice.

The Chilean Consulate in Munich was spray-painted with the slogan “Fire to all States!”
From here we reiterate it…


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