Worldwide: Smash Black Friday 25th-30th Nov. 2019

Received on 19.11.19:

Hey folks,
Our earth is on the brink of ecological collapse, and the exploitation of humans and other animals is reaching dire proportions. Black Friday, an embodiment of the capitalist system which creates these horrific conditions, is fast approaching. This year it falls on the 29th November, coinciding with the Global Climate Strike. To mark the occasion, various forms of creative action and resistance will be taking place in cities worldwide between 25.11.19 and 30.11.19. There are no set rules: everyone is welcome to take part using their own imagination and forms of action which speak to them. Thematically, actions should aim to be direct critiques of capitalism as well as being non-hierarchical in nature and content. Some examples include: ad-busting, banner drops, blockades, sabotage (e.g. gluing locks or spraying/smashing windows) and so on. The idea is to have this coordinated week of action culminate on the 29th, retaking this day as a symbol of resistance against capitalist consumerism.

To create a unified picture of the actions, here are some hashtags to use: #BlockBlackFriday, #SystemCrash2911 and #BloodFriday.

For collective communication there is an online notepad which everyone can access, the login details for which can be found here:

There is also a Twitter account on which everyone is encouraged to publish their own individual action reports. Contributions should reflect the plurality of individuals personal and varying perspectives rather than than seeming to come from a single organised group, so that everyone feels welcome to take part.

Folks are invited to create other social media channels, which they can make accessible for everyone else via the online notepad.

Please also use your political networks to distribute this call to action.

With love and rage!


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