Cagliaria, Sardinia (Italy): Poster in Solidarity with Anti-Militarism Comrades Under Investigation

No Military Bases

On Wednesday, September 18, 2019, the Cagliari prosecutor’s office closed the investigation into the 2014 – 2017 anti-militarist struggle cycle, accusing forty-five people.

Five of them are accused of 270bis, a “subversive association with terrorist purposes”, while the rest are accused of having taken part in some moments of collective struggle such as demonstrations near military polygons or in the city, or for having violated a foglio di via [repressive measure that prevents a person from entering a particular municipality or province].

The Italian State now presents the bill trying to make it pay to some of the many who in those years fought to block the military exercises and to put a stick in the wheels of the soldiers who occupy our land.
This attack is aimed at all those who dare to raise their heads against the military occupation of Sardinia, to all those who do not want to stand defenseless before those who, a few steps away from us, prepare wars or manufacture weapons.
They accuse five people of “terrorism” and of directing the struggles of those years. Nothing more false.

Anyone who has participated in those moments knows it well, no leader and only one goal: to stop the military exercises.
These accusations will not stop our anger or appease our determination, we know we are right and this is enough for us.

We will return to those nets, we will continue to hinder you.

Investigated and in solidarity
Cagliari, October 2019

[Originally published in Italian:]

French, Spanish and Italian versions of the text

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