Athens, Greece: Anti-Terror Operation Leads to 3 Comrades Arrested, 1 Comrade Wanted

In an operation that began on Friday, November 8th, Greek counter-terrorism police raided 13 homes and took 15 people in for questioning. According to Greek corporate media, two men aged 41 and 45 were subsequently arrested on charges of carrying out terrorist acts, possession of explosives, violation of the weapons law and tampering with official documents. A 39 year old woman was also arrested for violation of the weapons law. Counter-terrorism police are still seeking a 46 year old man.

According to the police, the arrested comrades were involved in a break-in at an electronics store in the Holargos suburb of Athens on October 21st. The counter-terrorism investigation began shortly after the break-in. They say that the arrested 41 year old comrade was jailed in 2010 for membership of Revolutionary Struggle, and was released in February 2018.

They allege that they found the following items in the raided homes:

  • 5 Kalashnikov rifles
  • 4 hand grenades with CS gas fillers
  • 17 detonators (9 of them remote-controlled)
  • various explosives

Police are alleging that ballistics examination of the weapons showed that one Kalashnikov had been used in an attack for which the group Revolutionary Self-Defense had assumed responsibility.

Below are two short reports from Act For Freedom Now, including a brief statement from the comrade Vangelis Stathopoulos, one of the arrestees who is now detained at GADA police headquarters in Athens. An Italian translation of these two texts is available here, courtesy of Insuscettibile di Ravvedimento blog…


Athens, Greece: Anti-terrorist operation leads to three comrades arrested and one wanted (November 9th, 2019)

On November 9th, 2019, an anti-terrorist operation led to two arrests, charging them with robbery and involvement in a terrorist organization. At the same time, authorities are looking for another comrade in order to give him the same accusations, while arresting a close female comrade on lesser charges.



Message from anarchist comrade Vangelis Stathopoulos from the GADA central anti-terrorist headquarters:

Once again I find myself in GADA accused of acts that do not concern me and in fact it is because I have not stopped fighting against the state and power. The scenarios elaborated by the counter-terrorism do not bother me. I will continue to fight steadfast either outside or inside the prisons.

Vangelis Stathopoulos – GADA dungeon

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