France: Sabotage of Wind Measurement Mats in the Grand Est Regions

Grand Est: They Must Fall…

During the night of Sunday to Monday, November 3, 10 masts of wind measurements were taken in the far east. We dropped 6 and damaged 3 that have not yet fallen (surpriiiiiise!). These masts are 100m high, they are all made of metal, they have cables aligned everywhere on three axes to ensure their stability and even if you cut the cables it makes BADABOUM. What’s also nice is that they are in the countryside and often well insulated… To cut the steel cables you can cut all the wires with a cutting pliers or a pliers (or whatever you think is appropriate that hangs in your toolbox) from the furthest away to the nearest mast until everything collapses (usually after 3-4 cut cables). Cut them all in the same axis because the mast will fall in the opposite direction (think in advance in which direction you want to run away, smart guy). Be brave because depending on the size of the cables you have to work hard. Don’t hesitate to move away a little when it falls because it makes a hell of a mess! (certainly it’s very funny but it’s a little scary too).

We didn’t go after the wind just because we like to do stupid things. But also for what it is: fields of white machines that grow massively on all the hills where we like to play and that colonize spaces outside cities. These same spaces, which are increasingly exploited to feed the insatiable appetite of cities for energy and other consumables.

Tackling wind power is also about tackling nuclear power. To attack its respectable window. Indeed, we do not believe in the myth that “green energies” are trying to replace nuclear power. They add up to it. We are not living in a time of transition but of constant growth, requiring an ever-increasing production of energy. If energy drives the world, then it seems very important to us to take it on. And the illusions of consuming differently that go with it.

Ecology seems to be in fashion right now. More and more protest movements are taking up environmental issues. We can undoubtedly be pleased about this. However, many of these movements seem to be depriving themselves of radical means of reflection placing things in a more global context or losing themselves in an endless list of demands to advance for a system that is a little more sustainable, a little less worse. They also seem to be depriving themselves of means of action as well – the ideology of non-violence continues its misdeeds and nothing changes either in or around us – the means of action that, for us, allow us to have taken over the world that devours us and therefore that we attack in return.

Yet we know that there are individuals in these groups with boiling blood. Let the nets of politics get stuck. Who are not satisfied with this “crisis” that turns into a “catastrophe” and that always announces the inevitable end of this civilization for tomorrow. Who can no longer wait wisely between small work and activism….

We hope that this attack will please you and make you want to participate in this great game with us.

We do not claim to understand everything, to hold the truth or to know what is THE right strategy to tackle this world. We just make attempts. The attempt of the attack this time. The action as a pretext for reflection. A thought for the people who struggle with bure and amassada. A thought for the people who continue to attack and question.

We do not want to wait for disaster. We want to be the disaster.

(via Attaque)


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