#Fight4Rojava – Dossier on International Suppliers of the Turkish State War Machine

Received on 08.11.19:

Infuriated by the invasion, genocide, and ethnic cleansing being carried out against the peoples of northern and eastern Syria and the revolutionaries in Rojava and beyond, by Turkey, their proxy forces and fascist Erdogan? You know direct action gets the goods, but how to begin when you are located somewhere like the so-called USA or northern Europe? Well, below is a jumping off point. After some preliminary research, we gathered information on companies that help Turkey as a fascist state build power, and companies that literally build Turkey’s war machines- which are currently being used to carry out the previously mentioned, and atrocious attacks. As anarchists, we don’t rely on the state or anyone else to act for us, we must find a way to begin. Consider the information below such an alternate way to begin.

This research was originally intended for a US audience, but the companies taking part far exceed the imaginary borders of one country. We hope anarchists everywhere put this information to use in the most effectual ways they see fit.

– Some anarchists

Download Dossier (PDF): TURKEY


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