Leipzig, Germany: Arson Attack Against CG Group Gentrification Project “FourLiving”

On the night of October 3rd, militants set fire to three construction cranes and an excavator on the site of the CG Group development project “FourLiving”. The damage from the attack is expected to be in excess of 10 million euros. The militants took great care to ensure no deaths or injuries took place as a result of the attack.

Here are some excerpts from the claim of responsibility that was posted on German Indymedia:

“Projects such as those of the CG Group create no-go areas of social interaction that go beyond shared consumption. They create no-go areas for all those who are driven out of the market because of their social background…They are exclusive areas. Exclusively for those who gain profits from the loss of others.”

“We act in solidarity with all those who have to live in constant existential fear, who are thrown out of their homes, pushed to the edge of the city and whose social neighbourhood networks are torn apart. Our thoughts are with all those who revolt against the prevailing conditions of violence and fight for a self-determined life! Fiery greetings to the prisoners!”

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