Berlin, Germany: #Fight4Rojava – Mercedes Dealership Attacked

During the night of the 5th to the 6th of November, a Mercedes dealership in Kreuzberg in Berlin was attacked by militants as part of the #Fight4Rojava campaign. The militants smashed the windows of the dealership and threw paint-bombs at the building.

Mercedes is owned by Daimler AG who also own a military division, Mercedes‑Benz Defence Vehicles, that supplies the fascist Turkish state war machine as well as the military forces of Algeria, Libya, Qatar, Kuwait, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

Here are some excerpts from the claim of responsibility for the attack that was posted on German Indymedia:

“Daimler AG is supporting NATO partner Turkey’s war of aggression against the most progressive social project in North East Syria. Profits count more than anything else in the world of capitalism.”

“Like our friends in Kurdistan, we fight for a liberated society. A society without profit motives, power structures and patriarchy! We wish death to the capitalist system and we will never stop holding you to account!”

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