Athens, Greece: Attacks on Riot Cops in Response to the Eviction of Vancouver Squat

Yesterday 2\11, after the solidarity demo that began in Victoria Square, we (a group of women and men) attacked the military checkpoint of MAT in Spirou Trikoupi\Tositsa to have an immediate answer to the eviction of VANCOUVER squat.

Around 15:30, a team of 30 anarchists separated in two groups (offense and defense) and acted as follows:

1) The first group (offense): attacked the military checkpoint of MAT at Trikoupi\Tositsa with molotovs and stones.

2) The second group (defense): helped the offensive group come back to a safe place and fought back the cops when they chased the comrades.

After the attacks, the solidarity doors of some buildings were open for us so we went to the rooftop of these buildings and we started throwing iron, fire and some heavy things on the heads of the cops who were chasing us.

All the comrades who did the action left the area safe, but we were informed that cops had arrested at least two random people from Exarchia, accusing them of riot.

Our answer to the eviction of VANCOUVER squat should be very clear to the regime:

1) The answer to the state violence is violence back.

2) The reoccupation of squats which were evicted by regime is one of our main goals.

3) Attacks will continue until cops leave our neighborhoods.

Also, we give our solidarity to strugglers of ROJAVA and CHILE who are under attack by turkish and chile regimes.

A few days ago we got information that anti-terrorist cops are in front of the house of a comrade and undercovers have been following him in the streets (also there was a text from our comrade on athens.indymedia about his situation: This makes it clear that the regime is afraid of the strugglers. We stand together with the imprisoned strugglers and the strugglers that are under investigation by the state.

When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.


(via Athens Indymedia 1, 2)


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