Turkey: HBDH Militia Destroy the Ali Kuşçu Center in Ankara & a Luxury Yacht in Istanbul

HBDH (Peoples’ United Revolutionary Movement) have issued a written statement claiming responsibility for the destruction of the Ali Kuşçu Center in Ankara and the luxury yacht Şehrazat that was docked on the shore of Bebek in Istanbul. Both actions took place on November 3rd and resulted in spectacular fires that could be seen for miles.

Some excerpts from the HBDH statement:

“Whoever speaks of humanity, comradeship and children today should turn to Rojava first. Let them face the screams of the children bombed with chemical phosphorous bombs. The occupation of Rojava is the mirror image of colonialism and fascism. It is Erdogan in the mirror.”

“In the heart of Ankara, the fire of our united struggle is approaching the palace. Our call to all the poor working classes, the young people and the women is to target the bosses who steal from you. It is well known that new members are added to our forces daily. HBDH militias are growing like avalanches. Whoever wants to be a spark against fascism should join our ranks and target the invading, exploitative parasites. HBDH are paving the way, lighting the fire.”

(via HBDH-online)

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