Minsk, Belarus: Call for International Solidarity with Anarchist Comrade Nikita Emelyanov

There is an information in the web about arrest of two anarchists in Minsk: Ivan Komar and Nikita Emelyanov. It is at least 5th case of anarchist arresting or searches caused by criminal case in last month. They are changed with intentional damage to property (articles 218 and 314 of Crimina Codex). Apparently it connected to arson of the prison on Volodarskogo st. and action near Minsk City Court. Right now guys are in prison.

We call to solidarity and action to support Nikita Emelyanov.
You can write letter to Nikita:
Emelyanov Nikita Vladymyrovich,  Belarus, Minsk city, Volodarskogo street 2, SIZO-1, 220030

If you have opportunity to donate for lawyers and supplies for prisoners you can use requisites of dissident.by fund:
Kasinerava Maryna 5351 0410 7826 7174

Presently we have unconfirmed information that another anarchist Ivan Komar is collaborating with police and investigative authorities. So, right now we refuse support him. But we will track new information and can change our position, if there will be new circumstances.

(via Revolutionary Action)

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