North Kurdistan: Vengeance Units Attack Police Checkpoint & Torch AKP Cars in Amed & Adana

Şehit Savaş Amed Vengeance Unit have claimed responsibility for attacks against the occupying Turkish state in the cities of Amed and Adana in North Kurdistan / southeast Turkey. The details of the attacks are as follows: 

On October 28 at 21:00 hrs, an IED attack was carried out against a checkpoint manned by occupying Turkish police officers on Emek street in the Bağlar district of Amed. Four police officers were wounded as a result of the attack.

On October 29 at 23:00 hrs, 3 vehicles belonging to AKP members were set on fire in the Barbaros neighborhood of Seyhan district in the city of Adana.

(via Nûçe Ciwan)


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