Chile: “On Those Arrested During the October Revolt” – Update from Publicacion Refractario

28.10.19: Since the revolt that began on October 18, 2019, countless people have been murdered, tortured, arrested and harassed by all repressive forces, from the military to the police detectives.

Dozens of insurgents have been murdered and dozens have lost their eyes as a result of the systematic shootings by the repressive forces during street demonstrations.

The bodies of those who have died as a result of uniformed brutality are left in supermarkets and burned to eliminate any evidence.

The infrastructure of repression have enabled temporary and sporadic detention and torture precincts, until now the main one has been the Baquedano Metro station, while in other regions there are already rumors of new locations.

Information is still coming in but so far the main charges against the thousands of detainees are disobeying the curfews, rioting, arson, looting and carrying incendiary devices.

Here at Publicacion Refractario we will seek to provide accounts by the detainees, the accused and the kidnapped within the context of the October Revolt, their testimonies, trials and the different initiatives that may arise.

To send information, do not hesitate to write to us at publicacionrefractario(at)riseup(dot)net

Because they have transformed the world into a prison…our struggle continues until there are no prisons left in this world!

Solidarity with those arrested and prosecuted for the revolt!

Let’s get our comrades out of the prisons!


(via Publicacion Refractario)

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