Athens, Greece: Anarchist Refugee Abtin Parsa Harassed by Cops & Anti-Terrorism Unit

Anarchist comrade Abtin Parsa, a refugee from Iran who is now active in the anarchist struggle in Athens, Greece, is facing constant harassment from the forces of repression. The following is an update from Abtin in his own words about what he has been experiencing…

At the moment i am under psychological harassment and be followed by undercover cops, which the regime wants me(same about all of us) to be silent about these repression but in our anarchy culture, being silent about state repression dose not exist so it is very clear that if the state push more, not only can not silent me, also even i will say it in louder voice.

By put some cops to fallow me or watching my home, the state is try to make me fear but it is show that it is the state who realy fear of us. This is not me who fear of waliking in the streets but it should be cops because streets are exactly the places that we will take it back and do our revolution there and this is not a theory, since in our history we have comrades like makhno and zapatista who did proof how the revolution can taken place in the streets. Greek ragime should fear from those who have nothing to lose and those are us as immigrants who are the must oppressed people in here, those who finally will uprising and your cops will shoot them but you have to know that bullet could not stop those who are hungry and angry.

If the situation continue a new statement will be publish against this state repression that target me.

NO peace with the state. Bosses are bosses, no matter left(SYRIZA) or right(ND)

In 7 FEB 2018, i was taken by anti terrorist cops next to the embassy of israel in accusation of terrorist activity, those cops throwed this accusation on me, while i was at the police car and under psychological harassment by a israelian cop from MUSAD. Anti terrorist cops of greece allowed the israelian cop to even take photos of me, while there were no any proof for any accusations against me, after hours being under psychological and physical harassment by cops, finally there were no any proof for these accusations and i was released from GADA.

On 27 JULY 2018, while i was sitting with a friend next to the university of polytechnic(exarchia), i was blockade by cops and cops who did taken me, tortured me for more than one hour, which under torture they broken my right ribs(by kick) and my backbone(by batoon), which still my body has problem from it.

On 21 January 2019, i got arrested in accusation of use the identity of another people, which still i have trial about it on 24 MAY 2020.

On 12 AUG 2019, while i was walking in my neighborhood, a patrol police car, stopped me in accusation that (while ago) i spited on them at the neighborhood of exarchia, which there were no any proof for it but they created new accusation and arrested me.

Abtin Parsa, 27/10

(via Athens Indymedia)


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