Konya Province, Turkey: Children of Fire Initiative Destroy Factory Owned by AKP Investor

27.10.19: Children of Fire Initiative have claimed responsibility via a written statement for an arson attack last night against the Lark biscuit factory in the Konya Eregli Organized Industrial Zone. The attack was carried out using a special technique that completely destryoyed the factory.

The factory was established with an investment of 150 million TL. The factory is owned by an Iraqi citizen, Abdurrahman Zade. The factory owner is known for his closeness to the AKP and was transferring money to the AKP’s war coffers. Fascist Turkish President Erdogan promised Zade that he would grant him citizenship in return for his investment.

Children of Fire Initiative stated: “We have destroyed the investments of this person, who provided financial support to the massacre of the Kurds and filled the dirty war coffers of the Republic of Turkey. Everybody who fills the coffers of the Turkish state’s war in Kurdistan will end up like this.”

(via Nûçe Ciwan)

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