Freiburg, Germany: Prison Profiteers Johnson Control Company Car Torched

During the night of 25-26 October, another car burst into flames in Freiburg im Breisgau on Badenweilerstra├če in Freiburg-Weingarten. In the days before, various cars belonging to exploiting profiteers Thyssen & Krupp, Vonovia and Implenia were set on fire.

On this night a vehicle from Johnson Control, which also includes Tyco, was attacked.

Tyco is involved in the prison industry’s profit-making via securtiy systems such as alarm systems and chips used to monitor prisoners.

Companies like Tyco use prisons and the detainees who are kept there unprotected to make huge profits for their own cause. Against this structural machinery of exploitation a fiery signal was set with this nocturnal attack.

Against prisons and capitalism!

Solidarity greetings to all prisoners behind the walls!

(via Deutschland Indymedia)

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