Santiago, Chile: 7 Days of Social Revolt – 7 Days in Flames!

Santiago, Chile,
October 24th, 2019

Impressive strength of the Revolt, it’s a dream week. There is exhaustion, many of us sleep very little because of the mixture of worry and anxiety. But there is no doubt that we still have a lot of strength to continue fighting.

Another day of protests where massivity was the tonic, continue the focus of clashes between rebels versus police and military. Anarchists and Antifascists on alert for posts on social media by members of ultra-right groups who call for their support to crush the mobilizations.

Riots outside a police station in the commune of Peñalolen, where neighbors claim that police crucified detainees on the antennas of the roof of the police compound. In the center of the city encapuchadxs (hooded ones) attack the subway Baquedano, a place accused of being used as a macabre torture center.

Drivers of the public transport company “SuBus”, on which lines 200 and 300 depend, paralyse their functions in solidarity with a colleague shot in unclear circumstances.

There are also truck drivers, taxi drivers, collectives and car owners. Demanding that the price of the road tolls be reduced, the call is to travel very slowly on the motorways.

Bolsonaro’s friend and ultra-right presidential candidate Kast tries to take political advantage of a movement called “yellow vests”, a group of citizens who, full of paranoia, take care of their homes and patrol their neighborhoods, protecting themselves from imaginary enemies and looting (no house has been registered to date). The truth is that they are functional people to the system who protect “their” supermarkets and criticize the use of violence. Fascist Kast calls for a march on Sunday. Political parties and parliamentarians “shield” the president of Chile from the demands of the people for his head, diverting anger towards the psychopathic interior minister Andrés Chadwick Piñera (cousin of the president) blaming him for the murders and demanding his resignation.

Congress approved the idea of legislating to reduce weekly working hours to 40 hours. A week ago this idea was strongly resisted by the government, the right wing and the businessmen.

In the barrios the neighbors recognize each other again, they have time to play with the children and share among themselves. Town halls and open assemblies are set up to discuss the future of the rebellion, talk about their desires and self-organize autonomously.

Smiles and love generate gestures of solidarity among the rebels, like a roadblock somewhere in Mexico.

They call for the biggest march in history to be held on Friday the 25th at 5:00 p.m. in Plaza Italia.



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