Rojava: YPJ Call for Worldwide Action Against the Capture of Çiçek Kobanê by Fascist Pro-Turkish State Militias

The Attack Against Çiçek Kobanê is an Attack Against All Women!

The YPJ women’s defense units declare that the Turkish state and its militias have attacked all women by attacking the captured YPJ fighter Çiçek Kobanê and call for an uprising.

Çiçek Kobanê fell into the hands of the pro-Turkish militias in the village of Mişrefa after she was injured at Ain Issa. The jihadists have published pictures of their torture. The women’s defense units YPJ have issued a statement regarding this.

“The Turkish military attacked the village of Mişrefa at 21:00 on 21 October. Our forces responded to the attack. Our comrade Çiçek Kobanê was injured in a fight with jihadists. As a result she was taken prisoner by the jihadists.

She defended her country and her people.

Our comrade Çiçek comes from Kobanê and joined our struggle to defend her country and her people against the Islamic State (IS). With the same determination, she also participated in the resistance against the Turkish invasion at the front in Ain Issa. Despite the ceasefire, the attacks of the Turkish state and its militias continue there. Our comrade Çiçek has shown determination towards the brutality of the Turkish state and said: ‘I will not allow the gangs to occupy our villages and our cities and to trample on our dignity’.

Çiçek Kobanê is in mortal danger

The Turkish state and its militias carry out an attack on the existence of women with the mentality of the IS. This cruel attack on our comrade is directed against all women in Northern and Eastern Syria and worldwide. The Turkish military wants to conceal its defeat with such pictures.

We appeal to the whole world, the life of our young friend is in danger. The pictures published by the militias clearly reflect this reality. These crimes are the consequence of the agreement between Russia, the USA and Turkey and their policies.

Urgent appeal

On this basis, we urge the international community to intervene. We call on the women of the world and human rights organisations to raise their voices against the cruelty of the Turkish state. They must not remain silent about this inhumane practice. Silence means nothing but complicity. All women must rise up against the attacks directed against them”.

(via ANF Deutsch)


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