Turkey: Children of Fire Initiative Claim Arson Attacks in Karabük Province and İstanbul

A new urban guerrilla group in Turkey, the Children of Fire Initiative, formed to fight against the Turkish State and in defense of the Rojava Revolution, have claimed responsibility for arson attacks against factories in Karabük Province and İstanbul.

The actions claimed by the Children of Fire Initiative are as follows:

“On the evening of October 16th, we carried out an arson action against the Yenice Forest Products Industry Factory in the Yenice district of Karabük Province. As a result of our action, huge explosions took place inside the factory and it burned to the ground. Also on the evening of October 16th, a workshop was torched and destroyed as a result of an arson attack we carried out against a furniture factory in the Ümraniye district of İstanbul.”

(via Nuce Ciwan)

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