İzmir, Turkey: Vengeance Units Carry Out Arson Attacks in Response to the Invasion of Rojava

Şehit Çiyager – Şehit Zeryan Vengeance Unit stated: “In the actions we carried out against the genocidal invasion of Rojava by the occupying, fascist Turkish State, a factory warehouse and a power plant in the Uzundere neighborhood were destroyed as a result of our sabotage actions.”

Şehit Çiyager – Şehit Zeryan Vengeance Unit’s claim of responsibility is as follows:

“Şehit Çiyager – Şehit Zeryan Vengeance Unit members carried out two successful attacks on the evening of October 16th in the Karabağlar district of İzmir within the scope of our ongoing self-defense actions.

The actions we carry out flow like water.

On the evening of October 16th, we carried out a sabotage action at the warehouse of a factory owned by an AKP fascist in the Peker neighbourhood of the Karabağlar district of İzmir. As a result of our action, the warehouse of the factory belonging to this AKP fascist was completely destroyed and there was great material damage. Again on the evening of October 16, the electrical transformer in Uzundere district of Karabağlar district of İzmir was torched and destroyed by our members. ”

(via Nuce Ciwan)

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