Germany / Worldwide: #Fight4Rojava – All Together Against Fascism!

The moment has come – the war has begun!

We call on everyone to stand up and defend Rojava!

*Current situation in Rojava*

The direct attacks on the social-revolutionary project in the Middle East, which is the bearer of hope for many movements worldwide, have begun. The Turkish state, with financial support from Germany, launched the new military offensive against Rojava/North-East Syria yesterday. Two months ago bombs fell on Maxmur Camp (northern Iraq), it is still under an embargo and also the mountains (guerrilla defense areas) in Bashur (northern Iraq) have been massively bombed for months. At the borders east of the Euphrates, massive troop deployments as well as preparations for defense and attack by the Turkish state and allied Islamist gangs on Rojava/Northeast Syria were recorded. Preparations for war were in full swing, and negotiations on the so-called “security zone” were held in parallel. After some steps had been taken in this direction and it did not initially appear to be a direct ground attack, the Turkish state has now resumed its offensive against Rojava/Northeast Syria. Last weekend Erdogan announced that air and ground attacks would begin within a few days.

The threat of a bloody campaign by dictator Erdogan, directly after Seehofer’s visit, is now being implemented in cooperation against the German government and German companies. Waging war against the revolution with German money and weapons and winning it is the order of the day.

This war of the third largest NATO army hasn’t just been going on for a few weeks. In March, 2018, Afrin was occupied with Russia’s acquiescence. The USA is working on a policy to divide the Kurdish freedom movement and to create a capitalist state like the “Autonomous Region of Northern Iraq”. But not only the attacks on Rojava/Northeast Syria but also the massive attacks in Bashur, the close cooperation up to the temporary handover of whole checkpoints and areas by the KDP soldiers to Turkish soldiers are means to lead the fight against the guerrillas to a higher escalation level. The mountains, which have been the heart and ideological centre of the movement for decades are to be isolated and wiped out.

The mountains of Bakur, Bashur and Rojilhat, as well as the liberated area Rojava/Northeast Syria are far away and we understand that sometimes it is not easy to analyse and assess the connection and current situation from here. But our friends, our comrades are there right now and are fighting for a liberated society under these attacks. We shouldn’t let ourselves be distracted by the everyday madness here, in which the system keeps re-embedding us. We should understand the connection between the struggle here and there and include it in our praxis. The Rojava/Northeast Syria project is once again facing a new phase of defense. The course and outcome of this phase will decide whether the revolutionary project of Rojava/Northeast Syria will continue to exist. It is all or nothing. The start of this new phase means that the struggle must also be taken up and intensified in Europe.


The Fight4Afrin campaign proclaimed during the beginning of the war against Afrin led to an increased number of diverse actions and a high participation. Despite its intensity and breadth, the campaign, some of which was carried worldwide, could not change the course of the war. Nor could it have had any lasting effect on those responsible for the war.

The war against the revolution will not be stopped by the local forces in Rojava/Northeast Syria alone on a single front. What is needed is to fight the enemies of the revolution in Europe as well, with all the means at our disposal. Be it by building local structures, educational work or direct action against warmongers, supporters and profiteers. We must understand that we need a broad movement that actively positions itself against war. We should increase the intensity of the various actions and generate publicity. The concrete goals of attacks as signs of fiery solidarity and the solidarity with the revolution lie in all western countries. Europe is an existing front in the war against humanity, which is established and defended by the enemies of a free life. The heart of the beast lies in the metropolises of the West and their production sites of war. In view of the destructive intention of this war we should understand the defensive struggle in Rojava/Northeast Syrian as an internationalist defensive struggle, position ourselves within it and build strong, self-governing structures.

Regardless of the extent to which each person’s subjective political identification is compatible with the Rojava/Northeast Syrian agenda, we need to understand that we can live in the heart of the war and exert influence through our concentrated action. We should be aware that any support, solidarity, actions, events, conversations related to the spread of revolutionary ideas, values and principles, no matter on what level, are part of the defense and are also seen by the comrades over there. Only the various forms of resistance at all levels will lead to the strengthening of the struggle here and thus also to the strengthening of the defense. We must be able to reach wide parts of society and fight fascism together. If we don’t manage this, the price of this lost struggle for a liberated society will be much more painful and destructive than we are aware of at the moment.

With the current attacks, the question of responsibility is once again coming to us. Let’s not wait until more facts are created, the people of Rojava do not have time to rest!

Rojava is not alone!
An attack on Rojava is an attack on all of us!



Today! Thursday 10.10.2019 / 18hr / Oranienplatz
On the streets worldwide: block – disrupt – occupy

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