Athens, Greece: Revolutionary Anarchist Armed Strugglers (GANA) Claim Responsibility for Bombing of Mafia Club

Responsibility claim for the bombing of building 109 on Piraeus Street

On the 2nd of October at around 2PM, we planted an explosive device in building 109 on Piraeus Street, Athens, which was activated later by cellphone. The reason we activated the device by cellphone was so that we could control the bomb blast and insure no passers-by were injured.


1) Building 109 on Piraeus Street was a mafia club, where a huge business was taking place trafficking women from the Balkans to Greece, a really big business involving politically active fascists.

2) The center of Athens, and in particular the tourist area of the so-called historical center, is the most well preserved area of Athens, this is where the anti-terrorist police has a 24-hour presence, so by carrying out this action, we are sending a message to the Greek state that we have the ability to penetrate and hit targets not only in Exarcheia but also in other parts of Athens.

3) Also, the sound of the bomb was heard by many neighboring areas of the historic center and this in itself is yet another clear message to the entire AIRBNB tourism industry which is no different from mafia practices as it drives the world into despair: AIRBNB Tourists, ATHENS IS NOT A SAFE PLACE FOR YOU, RETURN TO WHERE YOU CAME FROM.

So this is the voice of all oppressed people for whom it is clear that the social revolution will only come via the armed revolutionary struggle.

Revolutionary Anarchist Armed Strugglers (GANA) 3/10

(via Athens Indymedia)

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