México: Anarchic Call to Action from Some Informal Anarchists in Permanent Conflict


We behave badly, very badly and we can behave worse!

The Mexican State, with its dominating logic, continues to accuse us of “provocation” and to impose the pacifism of the “good people”. And now they are trying to go further…

From his morning pulpit AMLO (1) tries to make us invisible, exterminate us, disappear us, this is why he distorts the meaning of the anarchic struggle, of our history and the very meaning of the word ANARCHY. That’s why he calls us “conservatives” while giving lessons to his happy pets, with the consent of the applauding seals who pretend to be journalists every morning at the national palace.

For AMLO, as with all previous presidents (and for all heads of state throughout history), the best anarchist is the one who is dead or the opportunist who renounces their ideas and licks his boots, as is the case of the converted Stalinist Paco Ignacio Talibo (2).

That’s why AMLO lies and points to us as “conservatives”. All of his enemies he calls “conservatives”, including us anarchists.

As the compañeras from Féminas Brujas and Insurrectionists pointed out in their communique on August 17th, 2019 for the insurrection of anarchic women on Friday, August 16, against the Mexico City police: “We recognize what others keep silent: the presence in the national palace of a misogynistic and sexist, pro-life, ultra-conservative and evangelical fascist that the left has allied itself to in their constant opportunism to “seize power” at all costs.” However, the palace accuses all adversaries of being “conservative”, changing the meaning of words and hiding the true conservatism that rules from the heights of power.

In the same way, every morning it is a question of changing history. Thus the figure of Ricardo Flores Magón (3) is usurped and presented as the “ideologue” of the Fourth Transformation, while in parallel the “legacy” of Benito Juárez and Francisco I. Madero (4) is claimed.

If we did not know the trick of the old priismo now recycled in MORENA (National Regeneration Movement, current ruling party of Mexico), we would think that is was ignorance or that AMLO suffers from organic schizophrenia. But no, all this ideological muddle is intentional, or rather, very malicious.

For those of us who know the history of anarchism in the Mexican region, it is clear that during the long period of the Juarez government, it was when the most anarchists were killed by firing squad in the history of Mexico. And during the government of Francisco I. Madero, history was no different, deporting, imprisoning and murdering anarchists who always refused to recognize his government. Ricardo Flores Magón himself planned with anarchist comrades the execution of Madero.

It also distorts the meaning of Anarchy. A quick visit to Wikipedia tells us that:

The term anarchy derives from the Greek “ἀναρχία” (“anarkhia”), and is formed by the prefix a -privativo an- (in Greek αν, i.e. “without” or “deprived of”) juxtaposed to the word arkhê (in Greek ἀρχή, i.e. “power” or “command”). The etymology of the term thus designates, in a general manner, that which is devoid of guiding principle and authority. This results or implies “absence of norms”, “absence of leadership”, “absence of authority”, and “absence of government”, and serves to designate those situations where the absence of state or public power is given (or sought).

That is why our war cry is Neither God nor State nor Master, making explicit our energetic opposition to all government, all authority and all power, giving meaning to the anarchic war.

Anarchy is not and cannot be “left” or “right” simply because both the so-called left and the right aspire to be in power and to preserve the state and we fight to destroy it. So it is impossible to excommunicate ourselves from the “left” because we have never shared its aspirations, much less its ends.

That from the heights of power we are now accused of being “provocateurs” and “conservatives” invites us to reflect on these terms. And yes, we could be called “provocateurs” because we seek to provoke chaos and anarchy, because we provoke spaces of total liberation, because we provoke the destruction of everything that oppresses us.

We can also be called “conservatives” because we struggle to preserve at all costs our autonomy, our individuality and our freedom, against every government, against every authority (earthly or divine), against every power. They can call us “conservatives” because we fight to preserve the Planet in the face of the developmental devastation of the capitalist-state, because we fight to preserve invariably our anarchist essence preventing the control of our bodies and our lives.

It is not the first time (nor will it be the last) that we have confronted the system of domination in the Mexican region, whether in open street confrontation or in the silence and darkness of the night.

The new generations of anarchists have maintained an uninterrupted war since the nineties against the system of domination and we will not make an exception with the populist absolutism of the “Fourth Transformation”: our war continues to be against the capitalist-state, against all domination.

The consistent action of the groups of anarchic affinity yesterday afternoon during the political pantomime of the “Commemoration of the facts of Ayotzinapa” is not an isolated event nor does it respond to hidden interests nor to “conservative” hands that pull the strings at will and manipulate us like puppets, nor does it respond to the strategies of the presidency against the business sectors that do not add to their developmental interests: we are not the new hawks of the State as the media proclaim. This action is fully inscribed in our anarchic action.

We do not have or seek alliances with political parties, nor are we mercenaries at the service of anyone.

Yesterday afternoon’s attack against the symbols of power, government buildings, police pigs and private property (see photos) was one more in the long list of attacks against domination on the itinerary of anarchic war. We have broken thousands of windows, attacked dozens of security patrols, detonated hundreds of explosive devices, burned hundreds of ATMs, supermarkets, shops and shopping malls, incinerating the merchandise.

In this sense, the incendiary attack on the Gandhi bookstore (which has alarmed “the civilized” -that is, the domesticated), is nothing personal, nor is it inspired by fascist anti-intellectualism or the obscurantist vision against “the sinful readings”. No attempt was made on a library: an attempt was made on the merchandise and in this sense it was irrelevant whether the store in question sold books, underwear, plasma screens, computers or mattresses. We have no doubt that ideas are also merchandise in the windows of consumption. For example: coffee cups with the circle “A” for sale in the branches of the Gandhi store chain.

Today, more than ever:
Neither God nor State nor Master!
For total liberation!
Let’s destroy everything that dominates us!
For insurrectionary anarchic tension!
For Anarchy!

Some Informal Anarchists in Permanent Conflict
Mexico, September 27th, 2019.

(via Contra Info)

Translation notes:
(1) AMLO is the acronym of current Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

(2) Paco Ignacio Taibo is a former militant of the 1968 student movement in Mexico who has been recuperated by the State and is now a famous novelist. 

(3) Ricardo Flores Magón was an anarchist comrade who played an important role in the social struggle that led to the Mexican Revolution.

(4) Benito Juárez and Francisco I. Madero were both former presidents of Mexico.


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