Santiago, Chile: Package Containing High Calibre Bullet Left Outside the Home of Mayor Karla Rubilar

During the night of September 11, 2019, the Mayor of Santiago, Karla Rubilar was flying in a helicopter to observe the riots that were taking place in various towns and streets of Santiago.

It would have been at around this time when unknown persons left a suspicious package at the Santa Rosa condominium, located in the commune of Lampa. The box was left next to a garbage dump outside her residence.

Faced with the suspicious package, various police protocols were activated by GOPE (Special Operations Police) to ‘deactivate’ the suspect device. It was at this moment that they realized that the package really contained a lighter, a leaflet and a high calibre bullet.

The images released by the media implied that a controlled detonation of the package was carried out, partly destroying the leaflet, but according to what writing could still be read, it would seem that it alluded to the ‘freedom of political prisoners’.

The next day, the intended recipient Rubilar stated to the media: “They do not frighten me. If they were trying to cause me to feel fearful or anxious, then they have failed…I know that in the end there are more good people than bad people, and the most important thing is that these bad people, who shout more and generate more noise, won’t silence the people who are trying to build a better country”.

The case has been left in the hands of the North Central Prosecutor’s Office, but so far no group has claimed responsibility for the threatening delivery nor have there been any arrests.

(via Noticias de la Guerra Social)


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