Paris, France: “Identifying the Enemy” – Vehicles Torched in Solidarity with Imprisoned Comrades

Identifying the Enemy

Many people talk about the climate, the rain and the sunshine. Those who want to appear radical criticize the media icons that criticize the governments.
A lot of people talk about the end of the month. There are even some who want to rediscover the virtues of the people, and wait with trepidation for their weekly meetings with this famous “people”.
A lot of people are talking.

We think that the urgent thing today, as always, is to act. Act in small groups or alone, according to our ideas and not the mood of the masses. The urgency of the attack.
Identify the enemy: as it has been yesterday and tomorrow, States, capital and all authority.

Last Tuesday night, a car with a diplomatic license plate and a rich man’s big Porsche were torched on Marcel Proust Avenue.

We wanted to send a wink of solidarity to the Italian anarchists convicted as a result of Operation Scripta Manent, you have been locked up for 3 years. We haven’t forgotten you!
A thought also goes to the three German nationals who were arrested on a southern highway during the G7.
A thought for the comrades from Hamburg.

(via Attaque)

Note from Anarchists Worldwide: Image used is for illustration purposes only.

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