Santiago, Chile: Armed Attack Against Police by Antagonistic Cells of the New Urban Guerrilla

“The diverse, autonomous and decentralized anti-capitalist attack cannot be crushed because in each one of these rebels there exists the possibility of subverting the dominant order via a direct attack against the structures and institutions of the Capitalist State…We may die or go to prison as our brothers have died and have been imprisoned, but others will come after us. Subversion has memory and a long arm…We can all go on the attack, it is only a matter of deciding. This insurgency without center or periphery, without bosses, without direction, with a thousand faces, is unstoppable”.

– Commando 8th of December

Time passes and social control evolves, ranging from the use of explicit violence, to a portion of it and the silent reproductive machine of democratic behavior that enlarges the “participative” citizenry in the digital tribune of social networks, but equally lacking in political resolution in the different spheres of daily life.

A heterogeneous multitude shapes society, of which those who position themselves in the validation of street violence, against power, and also those who abhor these practices, or at a more extreme point, turn to the para-police, in short, on the one hand there are those who fight and desire freedom and on the other hand those who want to impose law and authority.

The movement in the streets has confronted us with this diverse and dispersed reality, giving rise to conflicts with citizens who like to do favors for the police, we have also shared space with people who endorse, support or collaborate with our praxis.

We also allow ourselves to strengthen the political discussion among like-minded people by glimpsing ideas through political demands, whose idea is to snatch the monopoly of information and institutional justification of power, manifesting and exposing constant tensions that foment debate for restless and receptive minds, leaving aside the pretensions of awakening alienated consciences that have decided to be so, in other words, the old political positions of popular and mass rebellion no longer have a place in these contexts. We write our own libertarian history as we travel and confront the contradictions of State and capital.

Observing and analyzing with caution allows for actions to be carried out at the time and choosing of those who plan them, leaving aside the idea of arbitrary hierarchy in the impact of autonomous subversive violence according to their technical requirements.

Of course there are differences in actions, for example, between an explosive device and a simulated one, however, both can generate huge impacts if you are looking for more effect than the material destruction, varying material objectives and media coverage.

The same situation occurs when comparing street violence and an attack designed to disrupt daily normality. It is the previous analysis, the clarity of the effects, that leads to success, either by looking for chaos, the dissemination of something in particular or looking for some exposure of the enemy, etc.

Participating in street violence has the consequence of becoming submerged and becoming aware of its movement, revealing situations that are not evident in other instances. In the same way, doors are opened for the development and feedback with affinities and unknowns that are not part of a precise nucleus, thus strengthening us in many different ways.

These ideas are the fruit of internal reflection, as a factor of the experience that each individual brings to this collective instance. Our objective is to spread them, as well as to put them into practice with combative actions, keeping in mind that this is a perspective, in an enormous universe of groups and individuals that constantly violate the social order, with positions similar or distant to ours.

Now entering fully into a new commemorative date, we organize ourselves to be present with strength. To be part of the heterogeneity of the street, to be in a moment made possible by the planning and participation of multiple individuals and affinity groups with the certain objective of spreading chaos in Santiago and Chile.

We transform into concrete action the hatred engendered by the death, disappearance and torture of hundreds of people in the past and the present. For the daily harassment of the insurrectionary youth who have turned the high schools into a constant scene of street fighting. We do not forget how at every opportunity they use their legal tools to discourage what they cannot control, nor the fact that the uniformed lackeys take refuge in their institution to unleash their psychopathy and insanity to act against those who cross their path, nor that a group of politicians defame through their media the antagonistic positions.

On the street we break with passivity and say that there is no justice, there is only revenge. On this, as on other occasions we take revenge, we leave no room for victimhood and we combine once more the praxis of street fighting and the new urban guerrilla, using both instances to carry out certain attacks, thanks to the conditions that have been generated previously.

This September 11 we participated in the street riots in different towns of Santiago contributing to the conflict with our gadgets and homemade ingenuities. We were acting with a large number of urban combatants in the commune of Peñalolén, a place where the police clumsily maneuvered their armored van because the lackeys inside it were blinded by the launching of incendiary devices, which caused a collision and forced them to emerge from it, while coming under armed attack from improvised shotguns. We stood our ground shooting at them and it was a real pleasure to see a cop crawling on the ground helped by his miserable companions, in a hurry to get to the ambulance that finally took them out of the sector that was under the control of the rioters. Two cops were wounded by shotgun pellets and one was injured as a result of the collision, and of course, from now on the terror of anarchist revenge will closely accompany them and their families. [1]

That night we remembered every fallen comrade who dedicated their life to the struggle against power. But as was clear from the shouts and complicit glances among the hooded crowd, the actions were dedicated to a single warrior; to the memory of comrade Kevin Garrido.

With this gesture and those we have assumed in our path, we want to send a warm greeting to each comrade who resists prison as a consequence of their revolutionary path, and especially to Marcelo Villaroel, whose courage and pride transmitted in the vindication of his history built in combat feed the ongoing autonomous and libertarian subversion, which will never be silenced by the enemy to fight and destroy.

We bid farewell for now, making it clear that the individuals who compose the groups of action claiming responsibility that we still have eternal reasons to fight, to try and achieve what we seek, taking action in multiple scenarios without bosses or leaders, in complete autonomy, as it has been in recent years with pure pulse and conviction, nurturing in a rudimentary but dignified way the anarchist offensive in our territory.

Black September!
Fire and lead to the police!
Kevin Garrido lives in the Chaos!
Prisoners to the street, streets to insurrection!
Everything continues!

Antagonistic Cells of the New Urban Guerrilla

– Karr-kai Cell
– Forces for the Overthrow of Civilization
– Insurrectionary Column “Anger and Conspiracy” – FAI/FRI

[1] Video links here and here

(via Contra Info)

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