Chile: Incendiary Attack Against the Prosecutor’s Office in Villa Alemana

During the early hours of September 11th, 2019, while various confrontations were taking place in the towns of Santiago in commemoration of another anniversary of the military coup, in the town of Villa Alemana there was a new incendiary attack.

Between Santiago and Caupolican streets is where the Villa Alemana Prosecutor’s Office is located, which was attended by two hooded individuals who managed to completely set fire to the door and part of the facade of the building intended to “pursue and enforce the law”.

Carabineros arrived at the scene as the fire brigade were beginning to get the fire under control, but happily they were unable to find those responsible for the attack.

According to the Regional Prosecutor of Valparaiso, Claudia Perivancivh, who is investigating the case: “It is quite clear that they tried to set fire to the building that houses the Prosecutor’s Office”. Specialized police personnel from LABOCAR, SIP and OS-9 also attended the scene.

So far the action has not been claimed, nor have there been any arrests related to the attack. The authorities have announced that they will be increasing the number of guards and security measures around this and other buildings of State institutions.

(via Noticias de la Guerra Social)

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