Venice, Italy: Greek Consulate Attacked in Solidarity with Anarchists and Refugees Arrested in Exarcheia

On the 12th of September 2019, the entrance to the building that houses the Greek Consulate was vandalized in Venice. Leaflets were left at the scene explaining the reasons behind the attack. Below is the full text contained in the leaflets:

Some days ago the executive of Greece, cradle of western civilization and democracy, has shown us once more what the real face of western “civilization” is, and at the same time how the word “democracy” is worth enough to allow its armed guards any kind of infamy.

We are talking about the recent evictions in the Athenian district Exarcheia, which during the last years has been a place of reference for the struggles against the murderous austerity policies promoted by any Greek government since when economic crisis began.

With “New Democracy” back in power, the Exarcheia experience had to be stopped: our civilization, with which so much hurry and enthusiasm our rulers try to export, both “softly” (cultural imperialism) and “hardly” (military interventions and missions), cannot afford itself to show that self-organization, solidarity and internationalism are possible practices, able to take away hundreds of people from the human and economic poverty they would otherwise face.

It’s not a case that these evictions struck not only anarchist militants, but a large number of immigrants as well, which many of them experience for the first time because of their skin – which seems to have the wrong color – segregation and intolerance policies, promoted by the institutions with the use of concentration camps, from Idomeni to the island of Lesbos, especially in Moria, where attempted suicides took place even among kids and teenagers.

The purpose of these evictions, carried forward with ways worthy of a military operation and announced earlier by the new mayor of Athens Kostas Bakoyannis, seems very clear to us: to reaffirm the verbose and meaningless term of “law”, and to drown, with this slimy reactionary wave which has now covered almost the entirety of Europe, any kind of experience opposing selfishness and intolerance, that make this society a hell for us, and a heaven for exploiters, masters and politicians, always happy at seeing the last ones oppressing the very last ones, instead of rising up against them.


(via Round Robin)

Note from Anarchists Worldwide: The photo used above is for illustrative purposes only and is from an attack against the Greek Consulate in Venice in 2016.

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