Bergen, Germany: NATO Firing Range and Training Area Attacked

Received and translated on 07.09.19:

To show that even NATO is not invulnerable in its training areas, on Friday September 6th, 2019 we attacked a firing range at the NATO Training Area in Bergen-Hohne. We devastated the control building and made it temporarily unusable. In the beautiful L√ľneburger Heide we embellished all kinds of military exercise and training material with slogans and political symbols.

NATO has stood for an aggressive imperialist war policy for 70 years now and nowhere can it imagine itself in a safe hinterland and a quiet home front. It is currently involved in various wars, one example of which is the war in Afghanistan. For the civilian populations of the respective countries this has devastating consequences, while the companies of the military industrial complex of the NATO states reap profits.

As long as war remains profitable and a means for economic or geopolitical interests, it will never end.

Against the militarization and war policy of the imperialist countries the only answer can be an anti-militarism that raises the systemic question and attacks capitalism. By attacking the warmongers who support and defend this system, we are throwing sand into the gears of the rulers. The struggle against this system paves the way for a society that can be built on solidarity.

The main enemy is in their own country!

War against War!

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