Turkey: HBDH Militia Destroy Luxury Yacht in Muğla & Police Tow Truck in İstanbul

On September 1st, 2019, the luxury yacht named ‘Naughty Obsesiord’ was destroyed by our forces using a special technique while it was sailing in the Marmaris district of Muğla. Despite the mobilization of the coast guard and helicopters, the yacht was completely burned and buried in the water.

On August 21st, 2019, in İstanbul, our forces torched the tow truck for the Police Department located on Bahçelievler Kocasinan Boulevard.

Poor working peoples; while being crushed by unemployment, poverty and misery, while price hikes and taxes leave you in need of bread; they invest your resources in war merchants to destroy the gains of the Kurdish people, to colonize the region and to maintain their power.

A handful of exploitative gangs of bosses live as parasites on the back of the people and establish untouchable lives of luxury for themselves. But those who think that they are secure in their yachts, plazas and palaces under the protection of the police and private security – let them see and hear the destruction they have created reach their havens and turn them into ashes. There is no place out of reach for the Peoples’ United Revolutionary Movement. We destroy your yachts, your factories, your military bases, your secret ammunition warehouses, you are no longer safe anywhere. The breath of HBDH is in your homes, in your bedrooms, on your necks. Your only chance of salvation is to ask for forgiveness before it’s too late. You must take refuge in the mercy of HBDH by asking for forgiveness from the Kurdish people, the workers, the women and the poor. We’re coming for you in the name of the people. Justice is in the hands of HBDH…

(via HBDH-online)

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