Leipzig, Germany: Chronology of Militant Actions Against the Far-Right AfD Party

Received and translated on 03.09.19:

The right-wing election campaign of the AfD (Alternative for Deutschland) was resolutely opposed in the 2019 state and local elections year. In Leipzig there were numerous attacks against functionaries, members and infrastructure of the AfD.

Back in 2014 there were numerous militant interventions during the municipal election campaign of the Leipzig NPD (the far-right National Democratic Party of Germany). The NPD did not officially resume its campaign in Leipzig out of fear for its candidates.

After some initial complaining from the AfD in the Leipziger Volkszeitung (a daily newspaper in Leipzig), they decided to remain silent before the end of the city council election in May in the hope that these attacks would go unnoticed. But it is important that these attacks are noticed:

May 27th, 2018: AfD Campaign Bus Attacked.
“Today, May 27th, we attacked an AfD bus in the early hours of the morning on which members of local district associations were traveling to the AfD march in Berlin. With our action, we take part in the militant offensive against the AfD in Saxony – “Strike Back – Fight AfD”. The campaign is based on the possibility of the AfD co-chairing the government after the upcoming state elections in Saxony in 2019″.

November 9th, 2018: Attack Against AfD District Party Conference Venue
“On the night of November 9th, we smashed the windows of the “Zur Ratte” Hotel on 10 Eriken Street in Leipzig and threw paint inside. The hotel will host the AfD’s district party congress next weekend, during which the candidates for the upcoming state elections will also be elected. “Zur Ratte” is a hotel that is knee-deep in the far-right swamp. Since 2016 many public and non-public events of the Leipzig AfD have taken place there.”

January 8th, 2019: AfD Office Paint-Bombed
“During the night of the 7th-8th of January, the AfD district on 15 Emilien Street in Zentrum-Süd, Leipzig received a Christmas present from us in the form of a discreet facade embellishment of the building. From the darkness we threw several Christmas tree balls filled with paint and sprayed a small message on the wall.”

January 14th, 2019: AfD Venue Attacked
“We attacked the “Drei Kastanien” restaurant on Damm Street in Leipzig. The bitumen in the guest room and the destroyed windows are well deserved for their structural support of the fascist party “Alternative for Deutschland”. The restaurant is a regular venue for the Leipzig AfD. They have held regular meetings and lectures there since the beginning of 2017.”

January 26th, 2019: AfD Campaign Car Torched
“The Mercedes caught fire in the front area. The car was covered in advertising for the AfD.”

February 15th, 2019: Personal Car of AfD Candidate Gert Pasemann Torched
“On the night of Friday, February 15th, the vehicle of council candidate Gert Pasemann was torched in Leipzig.”

March 1st, 2019: Apartment of City Council Candidate Sylvia Deubel Attacked with Tar and Stones
“Last night, around 03:00AM, a left-motivated attack was carried out in Grünau. As is often the case, tar paint and stones were used as projectiles. The heavy stones thrown through the window posed a danger to the lives of the residents! It is unspeakable how left-wing violence in Leipzig is gaining momentum. Serious consequences could result from these actions!”

March 7th, 2019: AfD City Council Candidate’s House Paint Bombed
“Unknown persons have attacked the home of a Leipzig AfD city council candidate in Gohlis-Süd. On Thursday night, the facade, windows and doors were attacked with paint bombs. “It is incomprehensible how obviously left-wing violence is gaining momentum in Leipzig,” said AfD district chairman Siegbert Droese.”

April 9th, 2019: AfD Official’s Car Damaged
“This time it was city councillor Christian Kriegel, who is the top candidate for the AfD in constituency 8 in the local elections on May 26th. The crime took place in front of his house in Gohlis-Mitte. Unknown perpetrators stabbed three car tires on his VW Golf, filled the exhaust, door locks and doors with construction foam and scratched the panels. “Since the beginning of the year, AfD city council candidates have been attacked almost weekly,” Kriegel explained. “Only recently, candidates for constituencies 7 and 9 were threatened by violent criminals who smeared their houses with tar paint. Our top candidate in constituency 1, Gert Pasemann’s car was completely destroyed after an attack.”

April 15th, 2019: AfD Venue Paint Bombed
“Attack on the cultural social centre “Große Eiche” in Böhlitz-Ehrenberg: The extent of the damage and the motive for the act are not yet known. However, an event of the Saxony AfD state parliamentary group is to take place there on Tuesday.”

April 16th, 2019: AfD Politician’s Office Attacked
“The office of AfD city council and state parliament candidate Roland Ulbrich has become the target of attacks for the fifth time.”

May 6th-12th, 2019: Home of AfD City Council Candidate Attacked with Brown Paint
“Last week we generously attacked Torsten Bachmann’s house at 1 Schütz street in Leipzig with brown paint. He is running for the AfD in constituency 7 and is ranked 6th.”

May 16th, 2019: House Facade Damaged
“On Thursday night, three unknown hooded men were outside a medical practice building. Shortly before 03:00AM they threw stones at the facade and damaged eight windows. They also threw paint at the building, damaging a large area of the facade. The building looks like an apartment building from the outside, but only houses doctor’s surgeries.” (Police)

Possible context:
City District Advisory Councils East: Med. Dr. Sabine Weidnitzer, Holzhäuser Str. 77, 04299 Leipzig.

May 16th, 2019: AfD Election Volunteers Attacked with Pepper Spray
“Just before 2:30PM on Thursday on Kohlgarten street two men aged 52 and 61 were putting up AfD election posters. Suddenly the older man was sprayed with pepper spray in his face. He suffered pain in his eyes and mucous membranes from the spray. In addition, the perpetrators broke the windows and stabbed all four tires on the bill posters’ Opel Astra.”

May 21st, 2019: AfD-Flyer Distributor Attacked
“The assailant snatched the flyers from him and threw them out into the street. Then he went to the delivery van and purposefully grabbed the flyers of one of the 3 parties – according to the authorities those of the AfD – and threw them onto the street as well. He then fled the scene of the crime.”

June 17th, 2019: Home of AfD City Council Candidate Attacked
“Unknown persons have attacked the home of an AfD candidate for the city council election with a tar-bitumen substance. The attackers attacked the facade, front door, garages, corridor and kitchen windows with a tar-bitumen substance. “It is unbelievable that the series of attacks against AfD candidates have not ceased even three weeks after the city council election”, said AfD district chairman and member of the Bundestag, Siegbert Droese.”

July 16th, 2019: Attack Against Home of AfD Member Thomas Illig
“On the night of July 17th, a paint bomb attack was carried out against the Markkleeberg apartment of Thomas Illig, an AfD member of the district association of Leipzig. Police spokeswoman Katharina Geyer confirmed that two windows were also broken.”

July 22nd, 2019: AfD Cars Torched
“On July 4th, the media reported that two AfD election campaign cars were attacked and damaged outside the home of AfD politician Udo Hagen in Schoenefeld. We were happy about this news and decided to make the cars completely unusable. So on the night of July 22nd, we set them on fire and were delighted with the result that the Leipzig AfD now has two less cars for their disgusting election campaign.”

July 29th, 2019: AfD Meeting Space Attacked
“On the night of 29.07.2019 we smashed the windows of the AfD meeting place “Ristorante Farfalla” at 54 Delitzcher Street in Leipzig and covered the premises of the restaurant with butyric acid.”

July 31st, 2019: AfD Activist’s Car Attacked
“Tonight we brought AfD activist Rainer Maleis’s car with license plate number L RM 5711 closer to scrap value.”

July 31st, 2017: “Also on Wednesday night, unknown persons carried out a paint bomb attack against a Connewitz apartment. In this case too, the police suspect a political motive. The Leipzig AfD announced on Thursday that the tenant is a woman who is no longer a member of the party, but ran for the AfD in the last local elections.”

August 6th, 2019: “We torched the car with the number plate of L-FD-312 of the married couple Frank and Helgard Droese, in front of their house on 135 Göring Street in Connewitz. Both the Droeses stood in constituency 4 as candidates for the AfD, and this is what they get for it.”

July / August, 2019: “Andreas Zwicker lives in the rear building on 25 Scheffel Street in Connewitz. We flattened the tires of his red Sprinter with the license plate number L-PY-7893 several times and left him threatening messages on the wall of his house. He is a founding member of the so-called “Mittelstands Forum for Deustchland of AfD Leipzig.”

“Thomas Steinert lives in Meisenweg, Markkleeberg. We smashed the windows of his garage at 1 Threnaer Street in Connewitz. Steinert is the newly elected AfD city councilor in Markkleeberg.”

There seems to be no end in sight for the attacks.


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