West Papua: Indonesian Security Forces Open Fire on Demonstration in Deiyai – 6 Protesters Killed

Photo: Screen-grab from a video of a protest in Deiyai, West Papua, earlier today (28.08.19) / Video can be viewed here.

28.08.19: A peaceful demonstration against racism in Deiyai is reported to have been attacked by Indonesian Security Forces today. According to the website Suara Papua, security forces opened fire on the demonstration. 6 protesters are reported to have been killed with several injured. Children are reported to have been among the victims of the attack.

Arnold Belau, a reporter for Suara Papua spoke by phone to contacts in Deiyai, he reported hearing the sound of gunfire in the background during the call. Phone access has since been cut in the area, presumably a measure taken by Indonesian authorities to prevent the news from getting out. Internet access is still being blocked in all of West Papua by the Indonesian State.

According to Agus Mote, spokesperson for the KNPB (National Committee for West Papua) in the Deiyai region, today’s attack took place when protesters were delivering a joint statement to the Deiyai Regent’s Office (local colonial administration). As soon as they entered the office, members of the TNI (Indonesian Armed Forces) and Polri (Indonesian Police) opened fire from inside the building. He stated that over 1000 protesters had been demonstrating peacefully and that the regent and his staff welcomed the protesters to his office, but they were then fired upon.

Latest reports indicate that families are still unable to retrieve their loved ones bodies from the Regent’s Office as it is still swarming with members of the security forces.

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