Squamish, So-Called British Columbia: Sabotage Action Against the Tourist Industry

The city of Squamish, in so-called British Columbia, is located north of Vancouver. One of its proud attractions for tourists is a gondola called Sea to Sky, built by a contractor between Shannon Falls and the pass that leads to Mount Habrich, located 820 meters above sea level, after crossing a nature park. According to its wealthy developers, eager to exploit the smallest piece of mountain still intact, this ring road can “transport up to 240 people at a time and offers spectacular views of Howe Sound on the Canadian Pacific coast”. Or rather “was” one of its attractions, one should say for the sake of accuracy, since the thirty or so cabins crashed miserably and then broke on the ground during the night of Saturday, August 10th, 2019, following the sabotage of their 2km long suspension cable at around 4AM. The damage is estimate at 1 million dollars, not to mention the significant loss of revenue caused by the extended closure of the Sea to Sky Gondola.

“We believe the cable has been cut and that it is an act of deliberate vandalism,” stated the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) inspector. Meanwhile, the City of Squamish has issued a call for witnesses to “hikers and campers in the area who may have seen something.” Why hikers? Well, because the construction of this gondala in 2014 was fought against by environmental activists due to the devastation it causes both in the mountains and in the forest. The police therefore formulated the following theory: the skilled saboteurs would have taken a hiking trail in order to “access oen of the ladders on the pylons that are used to carry out the weekly inspections and maintenance of the cable cars”.

Apparently, in so-called British Columbia too, it is good to walk under the moon with the correct tools to destroy everything that destroys us!

(via Sans Attendre Demain)

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