Turkey: HBDH Guerrillas Carry Out 6 New Sabotage Actions Against AKP-MHP Fascism

22.08.19: Süleyman Soylu, the Minister of the Interior for the fascist bloc stated: “The elections are not a court of law. You cannot justify crime by committing crimes and then entering an election. The ballot box is separate, the court is separate.”

Noble lies. The ballot boxes and the courts are not separate, they are the same. The sole purpose of courts, ballot boxes and laws are the continuation of colonialism. To expect rights, laws and justice from fascism is to put wood on the fire that makes the lives of the oppressed hell. The only law they apply is colonial law.

To fight fascism is to speak the only language they understand, to bring them to account and destroy them. HBDH turns the anger of the people into justice and accountability.

We are primarily targeting the colonial governor trustees, those who trust the nobles and raise their hands in support of power for profit and produce military equipment for the occupying forces. Know this: the fire of colonialism, exploitation and war that you bring to our homes are now burning in your homes. Either you surrender, or you will answer to the justice of HBDH.

Our forces carried out six separate actions against the colonialist trustee system.

1. The “Jolly Textile Military Products” factor in İstanbul, which produces clothing for the occupying army that brings colonialism to the people of the region and the police network that tortures the workers, was set on fire on 21.08.2019 by us. The building and their materials are now unusable. This is our warning to the war profiteering owner, who has been fed from wars since 1988 and filled the ballot-boxes with AKP votes in recent years – we are coming for you.

2. On August 21, 2019, the cosmetics factory in the Küçükcekmece Industrial Zone was destroyed.

3. On August 21, 2019, the chemical factory in the Küçükcekmece Industrial Zone was set on fire by our forces.

4. On August 21, 2019, a 3-story cosmetics factory located in the Başakşehir Industrial Zone was destroyed.

5. On August 21, 2019, approximately 500 cars were destroyed in the car park of the trustee in Şirinevler District, Yıldırım.

6. On August 20, 2019, a recycling factory in Çorlu District, Tekirdağ was reduced to ashes.

We call on all our peoples to join the final confrontation, the revolutionary war against the fascist and colonial institutions.

Peoples’ United Revolutionary Movement (HBDH)

(via HBDH-Online)

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