So-Called Australia: Anarchist Actions in Solidarity with West Papua

Received via email:

23.08.19: On the night of 22.08.19, Anarchists in Gimuy / Cairns and Meanjin / Brisbane carried out autonomous actions in solidarity with the ongoing uprising in West Papua that was sparked by racist attacks by military, police and right-wing Islamic-fundamentalist militias against West Papuan students in Indonesia as well as decades of brutal colonial occupation and oppression in West Papua.

In the city of Gimuy / Cairns, Anarchists paint-bombed the Australian Defence Force Recruitment Center in the CBD. On the same night, Anarchists spray-painted “Papua Merdeka” (“Free Papua”, the slogan of the West Papuan liberation movement) at the entrance to the Northern Heritage HMAS Cairns Naval Barracks. Both the Australian Defence Force and the Royal Australian Navy are complicit in the ongoing Indonesian State occupation of West Papua. The ADF and the RAN both regularly conduct joint training and security operations in the region with the TNI (Indonesian Armed Forces). It is also worth noting that the government of so-called Australia still refuses to recognize the independence of West Papua and regularly issue groveling statements supporting ‘Indonesian sovereignty’ over West Papua.

In the city of Meanjin / Brisbane, anarchists spray-painted slogans in the city center in support of the uprising in West Papua. On one wall the banned West Papuan Morning Star flag was painted along with “Papua Merdeka! International Anarchist Solidarity!”. On another wall “We Stand With West Papua!” was spray-painted.

We strongly encourage other Anarchists in so-called Australia to take action in solidarity with the people of West Papua. We would also like to send greetings of solidarity to the Indigenous land defenders at Deebing Creek, Djab Wurrung, Ihumātao and all Indigenous anti-colonial struggles everywhere!

Autonomous Vandals for West Papua

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