Wan, North Kurdistan: Molotov Attack Against Turkish Armored Police Van by Revolutionary Youth Movement

The Revolutionary Youth Movement (DGH) have claimed an action in Wan against the usurper trustees appointed by the invading fascist AKP-MHP. A Molotov attack was carried out against an armored van belonging to the occupying Turkish State in Tuşba, in response to the usurper trustees assigned to the metropolitan municipalities of Amed, Wan and Mêrdîn by the fascist occupation AKP-MHP regime.

The description of the DGH action is as follows:

During the evening of August 20th, Revenge Unit Martyr Diyar Xerib (Helmet) carried out a Molotov action in the Tuşba district of Wan. As long as the AKP-MHP fascism continues, our actions will increase and we call on all the youth to join the struggle.

(via Nuce Ciwan)

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