Surabaya, Indonesia: West Papuan Student Dorm Attacked by Military, Police & Civil Militias

17.08.19: On August 16th,  TNI (Indonesian Armed Forces), police and civilian militas laid siege to the West Papuan student dormitory in Surabaya, East Java.

At around 03:20PM the siege began with soldiers and police gathering in large numbers outside the dormitory. Flags and banners were ripped down from the fence of the dormitory. The soldiers and police yelled racist abuse at the 15 students inside and rocks were thrown at the dormitory smashing several windows. Members of nationalist civilian militias soon joined the police and soldiers.

The repressive forces gathered outside forced the students to install the Indonesian national flag outside the dormitory. They continued abusing the students calling them “dogs”. “pigs”,”monkeys” and other racist terms.

After vandalizing the dormitory and forcibly installing the Indonesian national flag, the soldiers, police and civilian militia members then closed public access to the dormitory. As these words are written, the siege of the dormitory continues, there are fears that the forces of repression will break into the building soon. Latest reports indicate that the electricity to the building has been turned off and the 15 students inside have had no food since the siege began.

This latest repressive action by Indonesian State and para-State forces comes one day after peaceful demonstrations by West Papuan students were brutally attacked in Malang, Ambon and Ternate. Once again the West Papua student movement and their comrades are calling for solidarity.

International Anarchist Solidarity with the West Papua Student Movement in Indonesia!

(info via Aliansi Mahasiswa Papua / Papua Student Alliance)

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