Texas, USA: Shots Fired at ICE Offices as US Govt Continues Ethnic Cleansing Campaign

13.08.19: Early Tuesday morning, August 13th, shots were fired into two ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) offices in San Antonio Texas.

No fascist agents were hit in the action but the windows were shattered and one person was allegedly injured.

Exactly one month ago, revolutionary anarchist Willem Van Spronsen attacked an ICE facility to protest the US government’s establishment of concentration camps and their ongoing ethnic cleansing operation.

It is also, notably, two years since the clashes in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Recently the US government detained over 600 people in Mississippi as part of its campaign of racial and ethnic intimidation. The government is threatening to continue its raids all over the country.

Willem’s action, apparently, halted the immediate roundups for some time. Resistance will likely continue as the government’s fascist campaign continues.

(via AMW English)

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